Friday, July 29, 2005

With the Lord

We received word that Ed Fath passed away Thursday morning. The service is at 2pm on Monday at Deerfield Presbyterian Church. You can get directions to the church through their website:

We Got Him!

I just got good news. This year the opening event for the World Missions Conference (November 5) will be a Missions Rally in the sanctuary followed by an international dessert reception. Clive Calver is the featured speaker, who as many of you already know, is a dynamic speaker. Anyhow, Michael Cassidy, a long-time Tenth missionary in South Africa, has agreed to give the Missions Prayer at 2:00 on Sunday morning. That's 2:00 a.m. his time. That's 7:00 p.m. Saturday night, our time. Through a phone connection and amplification, he will lead us in prayer.

We hope to have another missionary call in, as well, to give a report, plus I have some other special guests to announce soon. Will keep you informed.

Shelves and filing

I need a place to store an entertainment center/book shelves indefinitely. Measurements are 7'8" x 3'2". Can anyone use it?

I also have a two drawer filing cabinet to give away, as well as a two drawer VHS storage box.

Call me at the church(215.735.7688) or email me (

Shining Tower

What is that shining up in the sky, reflecting the morning rays of the sun? Why, it is the new copper roof on the church tower! Check it out on Sunday.

Running Water

With satisfaction, I turned on the new kitchen faucet to see water flowing and no leak underneath. Hopefully, my plumbing jobs are done for a good while. Painting comes next!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Plumbing Day

Taking the day off for my second plumbing project – replacing the kitchen faucet assembly. If I am sharp, I should come up with some good sermon illustrations when these projects are over. Unlike Phil and Aaron, I don't have small children for material anymore.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Online Video

Check out Tenth's webcast page: We just downloaded a segment of the 175th Anniversary DVD, "This People, This Place." (Oh, you can also download my audio message, "Speaking the Truth in Love."

We Have a Baby

Sebastian Abel Ortega was born Tuesday, July 26, 2005, at around 7:24 PM. Mother (Pavla) and baby are doing well. Father (Victor) is one proud happy Pappa.

Preaching at TIF

I will be preaching at TIF (Tenth International Fellowship) this coming Sunday during the 11:00 hour, if you would like to join us. TIF meets in the 315 Building on the 3rd floor. Do try to join the fellowship in worship some Sunday. You certainly will be uplifted worshipping with our international brothers and sisters. The sermon this Sunday will be on Mark 9:14-29, the story of the father who brings his son to Jesus to have a spirit driven out.

Under Care

At the Session meeting last night, Tenth member Darryl Bird appeared to request that the Session recommend him to be taken under care of Presbytery. This is the first formal step of a man preparing for the ministry. Here is what our Book of Church Order says about "candidates."

18-1. A candidate for the ministry is a member of the Church in full communion who, believing himself to be called to preach the Gospel, submits himself to the care and guidance of the Presbytery in his course of study and of practical training to prepare himself for this office.

18-2. Every applicant for the ministry must put himself under the care of Presbytery, which should ordinarily be the Presbytery that has jurisdiction of the church of which he is a member. The endorsement of his Session must be given to the Presbytery, consisting of testimonials regarding his Christian character and promise of usefulness in the ministry. The endorsement should also describe the activities of ministry the applicant has participated in with brief evaluation....

18-3. The applicant shall appear before the Presbytery in person, and shall be examined by the Presbytery on experiential religion and on his motives for seeking the ministry. If the testimonials and the examination prove satisfactory, the Presbytery shall receive him under its care after the following manner:

The moderator shall propose to the applicant these questions:

1. Do you promise in reliance upon the grace of God to maintain a becoming Christian character, and to be diligent and faithful in making full preparation for the sacred ministry?

2. Do you promise to submit yourself to the proper supervision of the Presbytery in matters that concern your preparation for the ministry?

If these questions be answered in the affirmative, the moderator, or someone appointed by him, shall give the candidate a brief charge; and the proceeding shall close with prayer....

18-4. The candidate continues to be a private member of the church and subject to the jurisdiction of the Session, but as respects his preparatory training for the ministry he is under the oversight of the Presbytery. It shall be the duty of the Presbytery to show a kindly and sympathetic interest in him, and to give him counsel and guidance in regard to his studies, his practical training, and the institutions of learning he should attend....

18-5. For the development of his Christian character, for the service he can render, and for his more effective training, the candidate, when entering on his theological studies, should be authorized and encouraged by the Presbytery to conduct public worship, to expound the Scriptures to the people, and to engage in other forms of Christian work. These forms of service should be rendered under the direction of Presbytery, and also with the sanction and under the guidance of the candidate’s instructors during the time of his being under their instruction....

Darryl will appear before Presbytery on September 10, which, by the way, is meeting at Tenth.

When I'm....

Did you know that Elmer Snethen had a birthday yesterday? I would never reveal anyone's age, but I must say that Elmer knows the positive answer to that Beatle's song: Will you still love me? Did you know he played basketball for Temple in one of its glory periods?

Breaking 100

I broke 100 for the first time on Monday. 103 visitors checked out this site, mostly during the hours of noon, 2:00, and 3:00. Don't let your bosses catch you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Help Needed

This is from Faith Mayes who is coordinating the renovation of the church's Mission's House for guest missionaries. It is in Upper Darby, willed to the church by Grace Emery.

"We need a skilled heating and air conditioning person to help Tom Witmer with one aspect of the kitchen makeover he is doing at the missions house. Does anyone know someone from Tenth who might be able to do this? If so, please email me ( their name and copy Tom ( Thanks for any help you can give us. Faith"

Arrival Time

Our friends traveling to Turkey are due to arrive today at 3:30.

Tuesday with Marion

My schedule today includes breakfast (mentoring), staff meeting, pastoral staff prayer, marriage counseling, and Session. I fill in the extra time with about a dozen projects. This job is fun!

New Reading

My two new books I'm reading are The Five People You Meet in Heaven (No, Jesus doesn't make this list.), by the author of Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom); and Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, by another Tenth member Paul Tripp (He does include Jesus!).

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Presbytery Ministers

Our presbytery met this past Saturday to examine and receive three new members. They are: Terry Traylor, called to pastor New Life Glenside; Paul Frick to be assistant pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harleysville; and James Garretson, to pastor Providence Presbyterian in Quakertown.

Found in Translation

Several months back a church member brought to our attention a new attender who would like to bring her family to church, except that they know only Spanish. That led to the following development. We have a means of providing translation through earphones. We've also recruited someone to do the translating. I am placing an order this week for the equipment, which will cost $900 to provide transmission to 10 persons (the transmitter ($400) and 10 receivers ($40/per)). All we need now is the money! I've been given permission to seek funds from "my circle," which I count my blog readers as belonging to. If you would like to give to this project, send a check to the church, made out to "Tenth Presbyterian Church" and write "Spanish translation" on the memo line. Depending on how this project works, we may expand to include other languages.

Roof Replacement

I was met at the church by an enormous crane lifting copper siding onto the roof. Workers begin this week putting it on the west side of the roof. Repointing of the tower continues and painters will paint it this week as well. If all goes on schedule, the roof work should be completed by early September.

Church Planting Website

Check out this website of the new Metro Philadelphia Church Planting Partnership. This is a cooperative venture of several presbyteries, headed by Bruce Finn:

Fleeing the Country

Carroll has fled the country to Canada. He just completed a week as a conference speaker and is taking his family to their rustic cabin on a small island. And I mean rustic - no electricity, no running water.

Boarding Request

Dear friends,

My son Aaron Stewart is a student at Temple U. - (Esther Boyer School of Music and Dance). He is a Christian and is majoring in saxophone - He transferred to Temple from Covenant College and is now a Junior. Aaron needs a very economical living situation in Philadelphia. Can you post this need? Can you contact me with any possibilities?

Most gratefully,

Leonard N. Stewart
Assistant Pastor for Home and Foreign Missions
Proclamation Presbyterian Church
278 S. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Caregiver Needed

A caregiver is needed September 15 through October 3 for an elderly woman in the church. The husband, who will be away for that time, is looking for one or for two to split shifts. Will pay. If interested, contact me and I will provide fuller information. If I don't know you, I will need references.