Saturday, September 03, 2011

1619 Passport stamps and counting!

All summer WOW kids have been reading biographies of cross-cultural Christian workers and learning about other cultures and earning "passport stamps" for their efforts. At last count, the kids had earned a whopping 1619 passport stamps--that's $1619 dollars towards delivery tricycles so that a bakery can be launched to help sustain Hogar la Providencia, the children's home in Colombia.

Because of the hurricane, there was no WOW last week, and this week WOW is cancelled for Labor Day. Next week, though, is the WOW finale and we hope to pass the 2000 mark! If your child has been participating, please be sure they have their vouchers filled out and ready to hand in next Sunday when we have our famed WOW Finale!

Moore to come

Scott & Pam Moore are delighted to welcome Logan David into their family just after 9 pm last night! Everyone is doing well. We look forward to seeing him at Tenth!

Shut in

My back door is warped and swollen as a result hurricane Irene. Can anyone come over and shave the door for me so it will close? Email me at or call 215-477-1225.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Almeyda Memorial Service

A memorial service will be held for Willie Almeyda tomorrow, September 3, in the church sanctuary. The service begins at 11:00 a.m. Rev. Chris O'Brien will conduct the service.

Parish 1 Prayer and Fellowship

Parish One will host their monthly prayer and fellowship meeting this Tuesday, Sept 6 at 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall. Contact Dora with any questions.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Article on Crossroads PCA

A local newspaper has an encouraging article on our sister congregation, Crossroads PCA in Upper darby. Click here.

Tenth Undergrad Lunch

Do you love to cook? Are you looking for a service activity for your small group? Bring a meal for the Tenth Undergrad Lunch. The Sunday Undergrad Lunch meets in the Catacombs following the 11 a.m. service at 1:00 p.m. for a meal and fellowship.

This is a great opportunity for Tenth folks to welcome undergraduates to Tenth, and to be a home away from home for many students.

You can sign up for a Sunday at
Recipient Last Name: Undergrads
Password: Tenth

For more information, or if you’d prefer to sign up the old-fashioned way, contact Kari Randall ( or 215-839-6397.

Sinfonia Sacra

Sinfonia Sacra is our chamber orchestra for grades 7-12 and adults who play orchestral instruments. Tryouts for new players will be held September 4 and 11, 4:30-6:00 pm. Contact Luke Carlson for audition information.

College Lunches

College Sunday lunches are back! Beginning this Sunday, September 4, college students are invited to lunch in the Catacombs at 1:00 p.m.

Ministry Fair

Sunday is the deadline for ministry leaders to contact Dot Boersma to participate in our Ministry Fair on Sunday, September 18. After both morning services, ministries will staff tables in Reception Hall and provide information about opportunities to serve.

FREE Conversational English classes begin on September 9

Free conversational English classes will begin on Friday, September 9, at 7:00 pm. The classes meet at Tenth Church in the Catacombs (basement). Volunteers from Tenth International Fellowship (and Tenth Church) offer small group (one-on-one or two-on-one), individualized tutoring in English language and culture. The evening ends with an optional English Bible lesson.
Internationals from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are invited to attend. To register, email your name and phone number to Liz at


Evidently the  availability of Come to the Waters is now official. Ginger downloaded it today on her Kindle.

Willie Almeyda

Tenth member Willie Almeyda died this morning after being in hospice care for the last month. When we receive more information about funeral arrangements, we will post.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MCO Healthcare Fellowship Lunch

The next MCO Healthcare Fellowship lunch will be this Sunday, September 4th, 12:45 in Fellowship Hall at Tenth Presbyterian Church. Dr. Josh Uy of Penn/Presbyterian Hospital will speak on the subject of "The Scientific Basis of Discussing Spirituality with Patients." Come enjoy lunch and fellowship. The lunch is $5 but students can eat free.

Looking for Housing

A Tenth member, female adult, is looking for housing in the Conshohocken orPlymouth Meeting area. She is interested in an apartment or condominium to rent, with pet privileges. Please contact Maggie at 610 259-4214.

Old Laptop Needed

A man being discipled through Tenth's Mercy Ministry is in need of a laptop donation. Old models are okay--anything that works. Contact David Apple at

King Solomon

I didn't know about this new Phil Ryken book: King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power. The link takes you to an interview with the author.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gifting the McGreevy's

Hurricane Irene disrupted our plans to say goodbye to Jonny and Laura McGreevy. That was to have been done during the Living Church. They promise to return for the service on September 11, and you will have opportunity to speak to them following the services. Meanwhile, acting on your behalf, I presented to them a framed picture at last night's staff outing at the Hala's. Here it is. Double click the picture to make it larger. The view is the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from the Art Museum steps, a view Jonny saw most everyday going in to work.

Short-term housing needs

Our global partners sometimes have short-term housing needs when they are in the area, particularly for the GO Conference this upcoming fall, for a few nights or more.  If you are able to host a couple or a family at your home for any length of time, please contact global(at) or x240. 

Day of Prayer

Our quarterly Day of Prayer will go on this Sunday, though some adult classes may meet to make up for last Sunday. We will meet in Fellowship Hall East (17th street side) at 9:00 and in the 315 building, first floor rear, at 11:00.

The primary focus will be remembering the 9/11 tragedy.

Apartment available

An apartment close to the church that was recently listed is again available (prospective tenant unable to transition). It is located at 1535 S. 15th St. and includes the entire first floor: one bedroom, dining/living room, large kitchen, study and bathroom. There is also a large garden by center city standards and a basement laundry room. Rent is $780.00 plus electricity. There are many Tenth/Grace and Peace church individuals and believers on the block. Please call Faith at 215-271-0214.

Backfeeding Caution

Advisory: Generators and Electrocution Risk from "Backfeeding" Power Lines

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, FEMA's U.S. Fire Administration would like to remind first responders and the general public to assume that all power lines are energized.

Even though power may be out in your immediate area, improperly connected portable generators are capable of backfeeding power lines thought to be inactive. "Backfeeding" happens when you connect a portable generator directly to your home s wiring without having a functional transfer switch. Without a transfer switch, your portable generator s electricity can be sent back into the power grid from your house. This will energize the utility s power lines on your street and poses an electrocution hazard for first responders, utility workers, and your neighbors who may not know that your voltage is present on the shared lines.

In addition, as the utility's power is restored, your portable generator and house wiring may be severely damaged from improper usage.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jewelry by Deborah Silver featured

See Deborah Silver's jewelry at Lansdowne Farmers Market, 30 North Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050 (next to PNC Bank on Lansdowne Avenue)

Also appearing:
September 10, 2011, at Lansdowne Arts Festival Saturday.
September 3, 2011 (before Labor Day), 5-6pm, open house at Augustina's Dominican Salon, refreshments served. Baltimore Pike, just up from Burmont Rd., before light at Owen, across from Gladstone neighborhood and Walsh Avenue, at same strip as Polished Pets.
Contact Deborah for information or to RSVP if you can come to any of these events.

Bring your friends.

Neighborhood September 11 Remembrance

Tenth Church has been invited to have a display in Rittenhouse Square, September 11, 1:00-3:00, as part of the Center City Residents’ Association effort to introduce residents to the community’s congregations. We have also been invited to present a prayer and Scripture reading as part of a remembrance service, 2:00-2:40, for those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a visible, good neighbor in our neighborhood. Come out and join us. I bet you can guess what scripture I have chosen for reading to represent what our scriptures have to say about being a neighbor.

Evangelistic Gift

Not that I am marketing my own book, but this really is James Boice's book (Come to the Waters), so I can advertize a little. Ginger and I are using it for our daily devotions together. One thing that I had already known but am being impressed upon again is how evangelistic the devotional is. We have been going through his devotions in John and almost everyone includes a direct call upon the unbeliever to make a decision for Christ. So if you have a friend that you want to be exposed to the gospel and be confronted regularly with a call for a decision, this would be a good book to give. Especially to friends who typically would not read a book. They may from time to time pick a devotional up, and as likely as not, read about the gospel.

City, College, & Career fall kick-off

Join City, College, & Career for their fall kick-off in University City at the Golighers on Sept. 1 at 7pm. Their address is 4537 Pine Street. Catch up with old friends, bring new ones. Come hear about the plans for future Thursdays and the future of City, College & Career.

Disrupted Giving

The church buildings held up well under the storm. No significant damage. One thing to consider, though, is the impact on the church budget. Most donations are given in the worship services, and missing three services means a hit to the budget. This is not a problem for disciplined tithers who simply make it up the next time in church. Most people, however, are not disciplined in giving and do not think about catching up in their giving. If you are in that latter group, now may be the time to consider before the Lord how to be disciplined in your giving. I personally have trouble in this area, and the way I solved my problem
Read more »

Sinfonia Sacra Auditions

Sinfonia Sacra is our chamber orchestra for grades 7–12 and adults who play orchestral instruments. Auditions for new players will be held September 4 and 11, 4:30–6:00 pm. Contact Luke for information.

Picture this...if you know how

Does someone know of a good clip art program? It is for the Hide It In Your Heart program. (Remember our three young people who joined the church last week?) "I'm looking for a good clip art program that would have good pictures of children, teens, adults and everyday life situations," writes Nancy. Any ideas?

Goodbye, Irene

I hope everyone is well following Irene. I've heard of leaking basements, a leaking roof, and power outages, but nearly the amount expected. Where I am, across from the Waterworks behind the museum, the river overflowed slightly between the Waterworks and boathouse row. Old tree trunks and debris were carried along in the rapids. I look outside now and can tell it has already dropped a couple of feet.