Friday, January 07, 2011

The Second Candidate

I've been asked if the selection committee had a "second choice" for Senior Minister. Well, there was another candidate that nearly won us over, but we felt still needed a few more years experience. Here is the sermon that rivaled what we heard from Liam.


Enjoy Chopin's "Revolutionary" Etude, played by Leonardo Le San, a native of Colombia, and who has been attending Tenth with his wife and son.

Meet and Greet Finale

Here is a picture from last night's Meet and Greet in New Jersey. The last Meet and Greet is Saturday at noon in the church. If you've missed a chance during the week, this will be your last chance. An added feature is that Liam's wife, Christine, will be present.

The Party Lady

Dori Baggs always knows how to party on New Year's Eve. Here she is at the Willow Valley Retirement Community in Lancaster, where she works with residents. Thanks to Pat Russell for sending this in. Pat is Manager of Volunteer Services.

Eye M.D. to 10 Million

Tenth member and partner John Cropsey is the subject of an article in the online newsletter of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Meet Liam Goligher

Last night's Meet and Greet with Liam Goligher. Move to the 10 minute mark to get to the beginning of his answers to questions.

More on the Process

More thoughts from the Pastoral Selection Committee.

Julie Strohlein
This process has encouraged me in so many ways. First, given that I have a typically busy life, I thought the work required would be "work"; that is, just one more task to cram into my day. What I found instead was great encouragement and energy when I read or listened to God's Word from so many faithful men that I had not known before.  Second, working with such a dedicated and careful committee was wonderful. Developing love and respect for my fellow members was one of my favorite things! Lastly, God has shown me how important it is to not only trust him, but to also trust his timing. In my own small mind, I might have rushed decisions. By trusting and waiting, I know that God gently and graciously revealed his choice when we (or at least I) were ready to listen!

Parish 6 Tonight

Last night's Meet and Greet with parishes 1 and 2 went well. About 200 attended (at least another 200 followed on the webcast). Next up tonight is Parish 6, New Jersey. The meeting is being held at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Cherry Hill (520 Kings Highway South) beginning at 7:30.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Parishes 1 and 2 Tonight

Parishes 1 and 2 will have their Meet and Greet tonight, beginning at 7:30 in the church sanctuary. This meeting will be webcast.

Jonny McGreevy and Dora McFarland, who cannot conceive of a church meeting without food, are setting up snacks in Reception Hall at 7:00 for early hungry attenders.

More Thoughts on Liam

Further comments from Pastoral Selection Committee members on our nominee and process.

Brian Esterly

Tenth's influence in the broader denomination became very apparent to me during this process. I was amazed at the number of sastors, elders, and laymen who told me they were praying for our selection process. The sense was that these individuals had been richly blessed by the teaching ministry at Tenth and they were looking forward to that tradition continuing with whoever filled the pulpit next as Senior Minister. Whether it was at General Assembly, Presbytery, or in general discussions, the message was the same, "We are praying for Tenth. That God would raise up the right man to fill the pulpit." It was encouraging to know that so many were praying so faithfully and so fervently for Tenth and for God's continued blessing on the ministry of the church.
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Parishes 3-4-5 Tonight

The Meet and Greet for parishes 3, 4, and 5 is tonight from 7:30-9:00. It will be held at Lansdowne Bible Chapel, 111 N. Wycombe Avenue, Lansdowne.

Computers Needed

I am Assistant Director of a large home school co-op that is a ministry of Faith OPC church in Elmer NJ. We are in need of 2-3 computers for one of our classes. They can be older models (7+ yrs. old) which is why there may be people in our church who are not using their older computer and could donate to the co-op. We would be needing the computers in January since classes start again early February. I can be called or emailed.
Mary Capaldo

Parish 6 Meeting

Parish 6's Meet and Greet will be Thursday night, 7:30, at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Cherry Hill (520 Kings Highway South). If you can bring a plated finger dessert, please email Fred Hill.

From Eric Alexander

Dear Fellow Members and Friends of Tenth,
Marion Clark has kindly given me space on his blogspot to send a brief message to you regarding Liam Goligher. I have known Liam since his earliest days in the ministry and hold him in the very highest esteem. As you will already know, he is a most gifted preacher, and he is also an outstanding leader amongst evangelicals in the UK. We have been praying about a successor to Phil Ryken since he left, and it would be a great joy if Liam turned out to be God's man for you as a congregation. Tenth Presbyterian Church occupies a unique place in my affections, and I send my love to you all. 
Eric Alexander

Thoughts on Liam

Members of the Pastoral Selection Committee were asked to give their thoughts on the nominee and the selection process. This one comes from George McFarland, chairman of the committee.
One of the things I am continuing to learn in this process is to trust the Lord and “lean not on my own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5, 6). This was very apparent after three of us met Liam on July 11. Even though I had a certain inward sense that he was a very good candidate, if not the candidate, I had to realize that only the Lord could direct him to Tenth and that the Lord may have other plans for Tenth beyond my understanding. I made it a matter of special prayer to pray for Liam as well as the ongoing process and that the Lord would specifically show Liam as well as each of the committee members in time about the Lord’s best for Tenth. I am amazed how all of this has worked out so “quickly.”  The Puritans referred to God’s providences as a “web,” and we can appreciate that when we see how carefully only God could piece this together. I am grateful to those who have faithfully prayed for these steps, including Phil Ryken who prayed at his last Session meeting that the Lord would chose quickly to bring his servant to Tenth.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome, Holden!

Holden David Trautner was born to Robert and Christian Trautner on December 17. His older brother Chase Robert welcomes him, too.

Babysitter Needed

Dear Marion,

Once again, we say goodbye to a great babysitter, and are looking for the right, godly, caring person to care for our children for one evening per week, and some daytime hours as well. Please mention it on your blog. We live at 4215 Pine Street, and can be reached at 215-222-1933.

Thanks, Lori Kempen

The Covenant

Sunday's sermon, "The Covenant," on Psalm 78:10 is now posted on my DMC Resources site at this link.

Parish 3-4-5 Meeting

The Parish 3-4-5 Meet and Greet on Tuesday evening is providing childcare for ages 5 and under. Anyone who wants to volunteer to help with childcare should email Cathy Kempf or call 610.623.7050. That meeting will be Tuesday night, January 4, 7:30p-9:00p, at Lansdowne  Bible Chapel, 133 N. Wycombe Avenue, Lansdowne.

Cora Koop's Response

Cora Hogue Koop sent this response in upon hearing the news of Liam Goligher's nomination.

I am delighted with the news that the search committee has selected Liam Goligher as the next senior pastor.  Certainly the times he preached at Tenth Church were memorable and he is not only a good preacher, he is faithful to the Word of God.   I doubt that we will make it to Tenth Church next Sunday, but when the vote is taken, please include mine as one in favor of calling him. Thanks to the search committee for your good work, and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Greetings from Ghana

Praise God,

I am very very happy that the Lord, by His grace, has brought us thus far, into yet another new year, 2011. We in Ghana see 2011 as a year of double blessings from the Lord. The 1 and 1 in the 2011 says it all. As we look to the Lord for these blessing, we pray that He would also use us to accomplish what He intends to do through us. We do the work on this earth and He, from Heaven, blesses both the work and us.
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Saturday's Meet and Greet

A question was asked about the noon lunch on Saturday. Is this an event that everyone is encouraged to attend or for those who could not make one of the parish meetings? The primary purpose is to provide another opportunity for those who could not make one of the parish meetings.
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Linda Boice's Response

I asked Linda Boice to give her thoughts on Liam Goligher.

I am rejoicing. And I'm awed by the Lord's goodness and providential care of us, his people.  After losing Jim in 2000 and then having Dr. Philip Ryken, our faithful expositor and pastor, answer a call to Wheaton College, the future of Tenth Church, to me, seemed uncertain. I believed that the Lord could provide another senior pastor of such gifts and convictions, but I did not want to presume. Churches go through hard times. But how gracious the Lord has been to us. He has prepared Dr. Liam and Christine Goligher for this very place and for this very time.
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GO Transitions

We are delighted to welcome Sophie Kim today as the new Global Outreach Assistant. Sophie is not new on Tenth staff. She had been serving as the Tenth International Fellowship Assistant (Liz Mosebrook is swapping postitions with her). Sophie has been a member at Tenth since 2007. She's a graduate of Duke, Westminster Seminary, and Temple Law School where she had a special interest in immigration law. She brings a wide range of experience having served previously as a law clerk, a Children's Ministry Co-ordinator, an interpreter at a non-profit serving immigrants in Atlanta, and as an English teacher at a refugee camp in Hungary.
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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tenth Press Article

The Tenth Press article presenting Liam Goligher and the schedule of activities for the week of January 3-9 can be accessed here.

Presenting Dr. Liam Goligher

The Pastoral Selection Committee and the Session of Tenth Presbyterian Church are pleased to present Dr. Liam Goligher as candidate for Senior Minister. He will preach next Sunday, January 9, at the two morning services, followed by a congregational meeting to vote on his call.

This link provides the booklet information, which was distributed to the congregation this Sunday morning. It provides a profile and sources for Dr. Goligher, plus the schedule of events for this week to meet Dr. and Mrs. Goligher.