Friday, September 11, 2009

No forgery here, just one big check

I've received several concerned emails over the past two days concerning the "blank check" jpeg posted earlier in the week in a blog about W.O.W. "What if someone copies the check and forges Tenth checks?" was the most common question. "Is this a scanned version of a Tenth check on the internet?" came in a close second.

I take full credit for designing the check, which will be printed and posted on a large piece of foamboard. It does not contain any bank information--no bank name and no legitimate routing number or account number (I used 0-9 in ascending and descending order).

So, it's not a real check; it's just a visible way of encouraging our W.O.W. students who have worked hard all summer. On Sunday night, after all the passport stamps are tallied, Bruce McDowell will come down for the presentation--a big check for a big night. And to top it all off, at the end of the end there will be a special treat! Hope to see y'all there!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Roommates Wanted

Looking for 1-2 females for 3BR split townhouse in Graduate Hospital area. My planned housemates fell through, so I'm hoping to fill their vacancies ASAP. Good-sized rooms and modern appliances, including dishwasher and laundry facilities on site. Asking $650 for 1 bedroom, $700 for other, but willing to negotiate on price. More info on the place can be obtained at or by contacting Capri.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A blank check?

We have a blank check ready to be filled out for New Hope Liberia Orphanages. This is the last week for children in Pre-K through 6th grade to earn passport stamps for WOW. Each stamp is matched by $1 donation. All the donations go towards mattress, mattress covers, and sheets for orphans currently sleeping on dirty, scabies-infested mattresses.

I'm not earning a Ph.D. in math, but even I can calculate this. 452 stamps = $452.

The children have worked hard, but still have a little ways to go. We have enough donors to match up to $900. If each child does three passport stamp activities this week (click here for the list), we'll make our goal!

So what will this blank check say on Sunday night? That's up to you!

It's Time!!

The Session of Tenth Church has released Jonathan Olsen to lead a church plant in South Philadelphia. The first step in gathering a fellowship of people for a place in need of Jesus will be a Sunday School class that starts meeting this coming Sunday (Sept. 13) at 9 am at the Radisson Warwick Hotel (17th & Locust Streets). We will pray together, talk together, and maybe even walk together. God willing, we will identify and begin to answer the who, what, why, when, how and how much questions of this church-planting work.
If you have any questions about this class, contact Jonathan Olsen.

Two rooms for rent in CC row house, near 20th and Locust.

4 bedroom house in Center City with two available bedrooms for rent. The two rooms are approx. 25' x 18' and share a bathroom. Located near the corner of 20th and Locust. $500 for each room, plus utilities. Please contact Alex Schwarz for further details, and mention where you saw the advertisement.