Friday, January 13, 2006

From the 1983 Annual Report

The pastoral and office staff moved during the summer into 1701 Delancey Place as renovations continued on that building. The nursery was moved into the former main office suite and Bible School classes were held at various homes nearby and at Plays & Players in addition to the Navy Mothers Club.

For the Session,
Clive Stockdale

Tenth Presbyterian Church's newest educational venture and service to the city community opned September 8, 1983, with eight students in the initial ninth grade class... The school has been fortunate in securing outstanding teachers... Mrs. Linda Boice (English), Miss Caecilie Foelster (typing), Mr. Noel Hubler (Latin), Mr. John Parrott (history), Mr. Scott Stringfellow (algebra, biology, sports), Miss Kathe Umlauf (art) and Mr. Philip Vandermeer (library science).

Respectfully submitted,
James M. Boice

Many changes and developments have occurred in the international student ministry this year. Bruce McDowell was hired by the church at the request of the international student committee to direct and coordinate the program...

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce McDowell

Coupled with more space and increased options for ministry, technological innovation arrived as well. The church purchased a micro-computer system which when fully operational will assist in financial, membership, letter wrting and other time-intensive duties. Again, a dedicated group from the body is committed to working with the staff to derive maximum benefit in utilizing this machine.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Harder
Chairman (Trustees)

Accommodations Needed

Housing is needed for an attender to the Workshop on Biblical Exposition that our church is hosting, February 1-3. If you can provide accommodations, please contact Pat Russell at 215.735.7688x243 or email

Taking Off

From Missions Coordinator Christiana Fitzpatrick:

Bruce McDowell, John and Nell Evans, Andrea Daft and Jorge Roman Blas are flying to Colombia this week where they will join Clara Hernandez. They will be teaching and providing medical care during the next two weeks. They will visit Casa Providencia, the children’s home we have supported through our Easter Sacrificial Offering for the past few years. They are taking a special gift with them for the orphanage and church in Santa Marta: a brand new keyboard purchased by Paul Jones with funds from the sale of Hymns for Modern Reformation. What a great example of partnership and sharing of resources!


I discovered yesterday at the doctor's that I am not only a frozen chosen but have a frozen shoulder.

I also learned that the sensation of my head (neck, face, ears) flushing red is the cause of a medication Niacin that I was taking. I described my symptoms to my doctor (Joe Winston) and he asked if I were taking new medication such as Niacin. Why, yes! I like it when a doctor can pinpoint the problem immediately.

Turbo Time

Are you thinking of hosting/leading a Bible study? Would like to improve your skills? Cora is planning to run a Turbo Group to train new small group Bible study leaders. Plans are to meet four Wednesday evenings in February from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. If interested, contact her at

Call for Prayer

Tonight the elders' retreat begins. Please uphold us in prayer as we begin to deliberate on the results of research and surveys about the direction of the church. We will be discussing issues raised from the surveys in particular. Pray for discernment of God's leading and for a spirit of respect and unity as we discuss matters in which we have differing opinions entering into the discussions. What is critical in this whole planning process is that it unites, rather than divides, the leadership and congregation. Having said that, I am enthused and positive about the manner in which the process has begun. I've never been part of such a large-scale, open discussion about the priorities of the church, and it has been very encouraging to see the respect accorded by everyone - from the Strategic Planning Committee to the elders to the congregation.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

In the Mail

The long awaited Stewardship brochures are being stuffed at this moment (courtesy of Fred and Sandy Hill) and should go out today. Look to get yours this weekend. I will be interested in your feedback.

mereBreath Casting Call

Happy New Year, Marion, Please post these mereBreath needs on the Tenth blog. The mereBreath Drama Ministry of Tenth Church has the following needs for its upcoming 2006 performance season of Edifice:

Sound Tech: Someone who is willing to learn how our sound system works. During a performance, the sound tech monitors and controls audio levels and volume, and cues music tracks and sound effects. No previous experience necessary, as training is available.

Lighting Tech: Someone who is willing to learn how our lighting operates. During a performance, the lighting tech controls all lighting and related cues.No previous experience necessary, as training is available.

One Male Actor, middle-aged to senior to portray the role of Alexander, an aging corporate executive near death, bitterly estranged from his Christian son.

One Male Actor, nearly any age, starting at 18 to play the role of Chris, a passionate evangelical who believes his best friend has betrayed him by selling out the ministry they founded to the lure of big money. Must play guitar!

One Female Actress, over 25 to play the role of Samantha, a ruthless corporate executive who will use or destroy anyone who gets in the way of her ambition.

Some details:
Rehearsal runs approximately 8 weeks from January to early March...Every Sunday afternoon at Tenth, from 2-6:00pm approximate. Rehearsal ends in Tech Week, the Monday-Thursday before your cast's debut...Tech Week is 4 evenings in a row, M-Th, at Tenth from approximately 7-11pm.

Performances run from March-May (excluding several major holidays)...Typically evenings, Friday-Saturday-Sunday. We average 14-16 performances a season, and we usually tour local tri-state area churches. Every role is double-cast, with each cast designated as either Primary or Back-up...This is usually a semantics-only designation as most actors share their performances 50/50 with their alternates.

This blog allows me to elaborate on some of this ministry's varied experiences. The most frequent comment I receive from the congregation of Tenth is:"I really appreciate your ministry and would love to be involved, but you all work so hard, for so long, and you travel so far...etc." This comment usually stems back to our 2001/2002 seasons of Asylum, where a single cast with few alternates gave 39 performances, and traveled to Florida, as well as several other locations that involved several hours of travel. Those two seasons were physically grueling, emotionally exhausting, and nearly ended the ministry. We were damaged by the very appearance of our success. But we've learned a lot from that experience. Double casting is our main effort at lightening the load on those who serve, and yet it doubles the number of participants required. Therefore, volunteering for this ministry serves two purposes, spreading the Gospel through dramatic presentation AND lessening the workload of a fellow brother or sister.

Although I lead the ministry, mereBreath is also maintained by a 7-member accountability board that explores every problem or concern and guides us to solutions that benefit every aspect of the ministry and its volunteers: Dawn Ackley, Larry Ackley, Judy Glass, John McGready, Stacy Skinner, Will Swyer, and Paul Taylor.

MereBreath is a unique and exciting ministry, but we need your volunteer time and talents to enter our new season as stress-free as possible.

Thank you,-Bryan Glass
Director of mereBreath Drama Ministry

Immigrant City

University of Pennsylvania 5th annual Public Conversation Series:
Globalizing Philadelphia: Becoming an Immigrant Metropolis

Greater Philadelphia has become a significant center of immigration. Africans, Latin Americans, Eastern Europeans, and South and Southeast Asians are changing the face of countless urban, suburban, and rural sections of the Delaware Valley. This series of public conversations explores the challenges, opportunities, and experiences of immigrants, civic institutions, and communities throughout the city and region. For most of the past century, Philadelphia attracted relatively few immigrants. Immigrants to the U.S. chose to settle elsewhere, in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, where available jobs and pre-existing migrant communities made settlement more attractive. But as the twentieth century came to a close, the service economy created new jobs for immigrants, from restaurants and landscaping to computer programming. Foreign-born workers account for all the recent job growth in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Policy makers in Philadelphia point to immigration as a way to re-grow a city that has lost one third of its population in the last fifty years. Local organizations are working to facilitate settlement, employment and entrepreneurship, and community building.

What does immigration mean for urban policy, planning, and civil society? How does the arrival of new Philadelphians affect ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty and stimulate neighborhood development? What does it mean for our schools and public services? What are the implications for race relations in a minority-majority city? This series explores these and other issues. Speakers include immigrants sharing their experiences; representatives from service organizations, government agencies, and community activists working with immigrants; and scholars studying immigration and its effects on the city and region. All events are free and open to the public. Questions and directions – call: 215-898-7799.

How Philadelphia Became an Immigrant City … And What it Means
Tuesday, January 24, 4:00-5:30pm
Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall, 3417 Spruce Street
Race and Ethnic Relations in Philadelphia and its Schools
Monday, February 6, 3-5pm
St. Francis de Sales School, 917 South 47th Street
Immigration Law, Deportation, and Civil Liberties in Post-9/11 Philadelphia
Tuesday, February 14, 3-5pm
Silverman Hall, Room 240 A, Penn Law School, 3400 Chestnut Street
Immigrant Labor and Political Mobilization in the Delaware Valley
Tuesday, February 28, 3-5pm
Terrace Room, ground floor of Logan Hall, 249 South 36th Street
Public Policy and Services for Immigrants: Exploring Challenges, Envisioning Opportunities
Tuesday, April 11, 3-5pm

Prison Ministry

David Apple sent this in:

Orientation training for Tenth members interested in prison ministry at the Federal Detention Center is scheduled for Tuesday, February 21, 5:30 pm, at the 700 Arch Street prison facility. For those who have been waiting patiently, thank you for your patience! Please contact David Apple ( or x224).

Praise God for the team of servants who went to Biloxi for one or two weeks of the disaster relief trip! Get personal reports of "roofers" and other workmen and women from Linda Barbour, Brook and Keith Crowley, Kim Dengler, Jeff Fisher, Sue Hoyt, Francis Shin, Aaron Snethen, Martin Troutman or Gary Zatkins. Keep looking here for news of the next trip.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Praise God for the birth of Sarah Catherine Hubley, born 1:14 am Tuesday, 7 pounds even.
Jesse and Sue Hubley

From byFaith Magazine Email

An Outsider Assessment of Evangelicalism, Including the PCA
The theme of the December 2005 issue of Mother Jones magazine, a left of center publication, is entitled, "The Great Debate of Our Season – God and Country: Where the Christian Right is leading Us." Of the number of articles on this topic, John Sugg profiles the Christian Reconstruction movement, "A Nation Under God." In his article he writes, "In this worldview, the mandate for Christians is not just to live right or to help their neighbors: They are called upon to take over or eliminate the institutions of secular government." He also states, "Reconstruction has slowly absorbed, congregation by congregation, the conservative Presbyterian Church in America ... and has heavily influenced others, notably the Southern Baptists." To read this and the other articles, click here or call 888-345-4264.

2006 International Women in the Church Conference
Christian Education &Publications, in partnership with the other PCA Committees and Agencies, is sponsoring the 2006 International Women in the Church Conference September 15-17, 2006 at the Georgia World Congress Center /Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Ga. The conference theme is God's Faithfulness Generation to Generation, and will focus on the call and commitment to disciple God's covenant people – to pass on the faith to succeeding generations. Women, ages 13 years and up, are invited to be a part of this time of worship, fellowship and teaching. The desire is that gospel truth will transform our thinking so that we may be equipped to serve Christ through the church and to proclaim him to the next generation. Speakers include: Joni Eareckson Tada, Paige Benton Brown, and Diane Langbeg. Pastors Ligon Duncan, Mike Campbell and Bryan Chapell will open God's Word in each of the three worship sessions. For information and to register, click here.

The Third International Conference on the "Westminster Confession Today"
This Pre-PCA General Assembly conference will be held June 19 – 20 in conjunction with the 2006 PCA General Assembly meeting in Atlanta, Ga. The conference will be held at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel. The plenary speakers include R. C. Sproul, Sinclair Ferguson, Mark Dever and Douglas Kelly. For further information, click here.

Byfaithonline – The Web Magazine of the PCA
Make sure to visit to read articles and news for and about the PCA.

The Power of Uniqueness

Just finished a book loaned to me by Pat Russell entitled The Power of Uniqueness, by Arthur F. Miller, Jr. I found it very enlightening. The premise is that we are created "with an indelible, highly personal pattern of innate giftedness and motivation," our Motivated Abilities Pattern. If you are either thinking through where you fit in for career or ministry, or if you are managing others, you will find this very helpful.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Missions Request

Andrea Daft, John and Nell Evans, Clara Hernandez, Bruce McDowell and Jorge Roman Blas will be teaching and providing medical care in Colombia January 16-28. They would appreciate donations of a chainsaw and sheets (single or double, new or used) for Casa Providencia, the Children’s Home they will be visiting. Contact

Staff Meetings

News from today's staff meetings:

Katherine Thorne turns 99 next Wednesday. A large card will be made available Sunday to sign. Cora and Carroll will deliver it.

The Spanish translation exercise began last Sunday and went well. Spanish translation of the 11:00 worship service is now available. Just ask for headphones from the deacons.

Ryia Miller is taking off for Uzbekistan soon for six months. Ryia, let us know through the Comments some more details.

Dot alerted us that she will be asking for annual reports soon. Don't forget the next congregational meeting scheduled for March 17.

David Apple gave an update on the CCDA conference meeting in Philadelphia September 27- October 1. For more info, click here. You will be hearing a lot more about this. They expect 2,000 attendees for this annual event.

Paul Jones returned from a music conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian in Ft. Lauderdale (James Kennedy's church). He lead the opening hymns festival, taught class for seminary students, and conducted choral master classes.


From Dori Baggs:

Sparrows will be held this Saturday, January 14, in Fellowship Hall from 1:00-3:00. Sparrows is a ministry of TenthWomen. We seek to develop and deepen intergenerational relationships between women and girls in our covenant community that bring glory to God. We recommend girls be at least 5 years old. The devotional speaker will be Nell Evans. Sena McInnes will be our craft leader teaching us how to make a 9-patch quilt. This is a perfect winter time craft to learn! If you are a woman or teen who has any sewing experience, you are especially invited to come to help the younger girls. Maranatha teen gals are also encouraged to come to get to know the younger girls. This is a great way to work on the people skills they will use on Maranatha summer mission projects.

Come out of the cold for a few hours, listen to a devotional, learn a new craft and enjoy female fellowship and of course refreshments! If you have any questions about Sparrows or would like to RSVP you can email Dori Baggs at

Men's Retreat

Men, in lieu of a Tenth's men's retreat this year, we recommend the men's retreat sponsored by Glenside New Life. It is possible that we would make the men's retreat a presbytery wide event, and this may become the vehicle. Check out the info by click here. Registration deadline is Sunday.

Of Paint and Roofs

Saw this email from Pat Canavan:

FYI, the painters will be resuming their work in our sanctuary next week (specific start day to be forthcoming). They need to do some finishing work (buffing) on the apse and do a small area above the balcony on the 18th St. side.

I noticed this morning that roofers are continuing work on the sanctuary roof, as well.

Personnel Committee

Met with the Personnel Committee, a subcommittee of the Trustees. Ron Ferner, who has come back on board of the Trustees, chairs the committee. Dave Collins had been chair. We are developing an employee manual for the pastoral staff, having already completed on for the full staff.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Singles Fellowship?

I have begun discussions with a handful of singles about what a singles fellowship might look like. I value everyone's input, so please send comments through the Comments section or email me. We are discussing, by the way, what a singles fellowship for people age 35 and older may look like. I would welcome thoughts for under age 35 as well.

This is an idea only in discussion. No decisions have been made by the church leadership, nor have I been directed to come up with something. This is an issue brought to me the past year by different people and I value open discussion. Look forward to hearing from you.

Call for Prayer

The elders' retreat is this weekend. The purpose is examine and discuss the data from the SPC (Strategic Planning Committee), congregational surveys, and session surveys. It is the first of several meetings planned to hammer out a vision for the future. Please pray daily for this retreat and throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. Our meetings will run from 6-9:30 Friday evening and 8:30-3:30 Saturday.