Thursday, January 12, 2006

mereBreath Casting Call

Happy New Year, Marion, Please post these mereBreath needs on the Tenth blog. The mereBreath Drama Ministry of Tenth Church has the following needs for its upcoming 2006 performance season of Edifice:

Sound Tech: Someone who is willing to learn how our sound system works. During a performance, the sound tech monitors and controls audio levels and volume, and cues music tracks and sound effects. No previous experience necessary, as training is available.

Lighting Tech: Someone who is willing to learn how our lighting operates. During a performance, the lighting tech controls all lighting and related cues.No previous experience necessary, as training is available.

One Male Actor, middle-aged to senior to portray the role of Alexander, an aging corporate executive near death, bitterly estranged from his Christian son.

One Male Actor, nearly any age, starting at 18 to play the role of Chris, a passionate evangelical who believes his best friend has betrayed him by selling out the ministry they founded to the lure of big money. Must play guitar!

One Female Actress, over 25 to play the role of Samantha, a ruthless corporate executive who will use or destroy anyone who gets in the way of her ambition.

Some details:
Rehearsal runs approximately 8 weeks from January to early March...Every Sunday afternoon at Tenth, from 2-6:00pm approximate. Rehearsal ends in Tech Week, the Monday-Thursday before your cast's debut...Tech Week is 4 evenings in a row, M-Th, at Tenth from approximately 7-11pm.

Performances run from March-May (excluding several major holidays)...Typically evenings, Friday-Saturday-Sunday. We average 14-16 performances a season, and we usually tour local tri-state area churches. Every role is double-cast, with each cast designated as either Primary or Back-up...This is usually a semantics-only designation as most actors share their performances 50/50 with their alternates.

This blog allows me to elaborate on some of this ministry's varied experiences. The most frequent comment I receive from the congregation of Tenth is:"I really appreciate your ministry and would love to be involved, but you all work so hard, for so long, and you travel so far...etc." This comment usually stems back to our 2001/2002 seasons of Asylum, where a single cast with few alternates gave 39 performances, and traveled to Florida, as well as several other locations that involved several hours of travel. Those two seasons were physically grueling, emotionally exhausting, and nearly ended the ministry. We were damaged by the very appearance of our success. But we've learned a lot from that experience. Double casting is our main effort at lightening the load on those who serve, and yet it doubles the number of participants required. Therefore, volunteering for this ministry serves two purposes, spreading the Gospel through dramatic presentation AND lessening the workload of a fellow brother or sister.

Although I lead the ministry, mereBreath is also maintained by a 7-member accountability board that explores every problem or concern and guides us to solutions that benefit every aspect of the ministry and its volunteers: Dawn Ackley, Larry Ackley, Judy Glass, John McGready, Stacy Skinner, Will Swyer, and Paul Taylor.

MereBreath is a unique and exciting ministry, but we need your volunteer time and talents to enter our new season as stress-free as possible.

Thank you,-Bryan Glass
Director of mereBreath Drama Ministry


Anonymous Bryan Glass said...

We have just filled the Sound Tech position!

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Bryan Glass said...

We have also filled the female role of Samantha.

That leaves:
Lighting Tech

9:39 PM  

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