Monday, June 14, 2010

Phil Beauford

Brother Phil Beauford went home to the Lord last night. Check back for information on services. Please keep Jennifer and Phil's five children and extensive family in prayer.


Blogger John Voorhis said...

Praise God for the life of this good servant and for the Redeemer who gave himself on the cross so that Phil can now worship face to face.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Steve Bachman said...

At Tenth Church we rightly thank God for the excellent teachers He has sent us – Barnhouse, DiGangi, Boice, Ryken, et al. – but we also should thank Him for others who have taught us in different ways.

Philip Beauford on earth was an excellent out-of-the-pulpit teacher. He taught deep truths of God’s Word to many, many Sunday School students – and was one of a group of teachers who helped remind the rest of us all over again that those truths are for children, too.

He taught us the joy of fellowship, genuinely delighted to see his brothers and sisters in Christ. He taught by his many ministry commitments how to live out Christ’s command to love and serve others, exhibiting abounding energy for that love and service. He showed us that the Holy Spirit supplies those who follow Christ, gladly giving ‘a cup of cool water’ in His Name.

In a congregation without a call-and-response tradition he taught that Scriptural truths can be received with verbal affirmation – each of us gladly voicing God-given joy in truly comprehending another of the infinite facets of God’s infinite greatness, majesty, justice, mercy and love.

Philip Beauford taught dignity, decency, servanthood, and principled living for men of God.
This is an excellent time for God’s true men to show their love for Philip’s personal family and for his church family. We can care for the numerous Tenth kids – many now adults – who mourn their beloved Mr. Phil. It’s a time for God’s men to pray for Philip’s physical family and for his many friends.

Above all, it’s a time for God’s men to commit to an extended period of pray for our own beloved sister Jennifer, and for Jacqueline. God will show what other service we can render.

May God’s people of Tenth have learned spiritual lessons God sent our brother to teach us, and to live out until the time we’re reunited around the Throne:
Love each other. Love and teach children. Love those who are hurting.

If we've learned these things, then at this time and beyond, we should love Jennifer and Jacqueline.

Praise God for Brother Philip Beauford’s life and ministry.

May there be a chorus of “Amen!”

Steve Bachman

5:04 PM  
Blogger dori said...


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Blogger cskempf said...

Am trying to imagine what his "Amen!" is like in the heavenly worship.

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Pat Russell said...

Amen and Amen!

9:31 PM  
Blogger John Voorhis said...

Though not officially serving on the board, Phil was a Deacon by every definition, measure, and in the truest sense of the office. I am a small 'd' deacon, Phil was a big 'D' Deacon.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Judith Sue Mattson said...

Heaven's rafters are ringing with his AMEN! Good for you Phil, you are finally home. But I will miss him with all my heart that is right now breaking.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Mary Capaldo said...

What a legacy this great servant has left us. I am overwhelmingly sad over our great loss. We will always remember Phil and look forward to rejoining him in glory.
Thank you Steve for your wonderful words of comfort and truth.

11:45 AM  
Blogger ralphb said...

Brother Phil was one of my best friends, but then I have to realize he was probably one of a lot of people's best friends. That was the quality of person he was. He was godly & I & Ave will miss him severely. He told me he was ready a few weeks ago in may over the phone. He never wanted me to tell him how devoted to the Lord I thought he was. Bro. Phil would always say he was still a sinner. He insisted I praise the name of Jesus Christ. He did not like people to be elevated. I learned a lot from this dear saint. He is where we should want to be. At this time we feel at a loss. However he is ecstatic. He is with the risen Christ.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Mz.Outlaw said...

Phil was my grandfather, and reading all your responses about him brings joy to my heart. You all were Blessed to know him as a man & friend, but God loved me enough to put in my life as my grandfather. I miss him so dearly, and words cannot express how much I am going to miss all his encouraging words whenever I need them most. Please pray for our family as we all extremely heartbroken...We miss you Popa!

3:19 PM  
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