Thursday, September 16, 2010

Power Down

There will be no electrical power in the Delancey building on Saturday, as an electric box is replaced. There will be power in the rest of the facilities. But no power in Delancey means the internet server of the church is also shut down. Power will be restored on Saturday, but pray that when the power goes back on, we will be able to boot back up the internet server without complications.


Anonymous Fred Hill said...

If the server and equipment necessary for for Internet service are on a UPS (and the UPS is known to be working), it would be possible to extend power from the other building with a heavy duty extension cord, and then move them from the wall receptacle(s) to the extention without taking a server outage.

On the other handm it may be that a scheduled outage is called for periodically, and this is the perfect opportunity to clean the cobwebs out of a long-running system.

11:37 AM  

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