Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Communicants Class

Each year we have a "communicants class" in the fall. It is a class for young people (typically the sixth grade) who want to join the church as "communicant" members. (Actually they are already members of the church, if their parents are. They are "noncommunicant" members, meaning that they do not yet partake of Communion, the Lord's Supper.) Anyhow, the communicants class is basically a new members' class, in which they learn about the church in preparation to join. We have 22 students this year. Below is their class schedule.

Sep 19 - Introduction to the Class
Sep 26 - The Gospel and Salvation
Oct  3 - Private Worship
Oct 10 - Public Worship
Oct 17 - Sacraments
Oct 24 - Reformed Theology
*Written Testimonies Due*
Oct 31 - Reformation History
Nov  7 - Presbyterian
Nov 14 - History of Tenth 
Nov 21 - Stewardship (Gifts, Time, and Finances)Nov 28 - Evangelism and Outreach
*Essay on Church Membership Due*
Dec 12 - Public Vows
Dec 19 - Testimony before Elders
Jan 2, 2011 - Public Reception


Blogger cskempf said...

I think that class was a landmark in the life of our girls. (At the time they weren't that enthusiastic!) They were taught by different leaders in the church, including pastors, and were exposed to serious instruction. They were exhorted to become members only if they had a sincere faith, and not because their friends were doing it. Writing the essay and testimony with specifics of what they believed forced them to think about the step they were taking. That class was a marker reminding them of what they had been taught ever since they were born.

And watching the class being received into the church & hearing the testimonies was such a moving illustration of the Holy Spirit at work in our body life. Each time, we later celebrated with another communicant's family and friends with a lunch, just enjoying that body life. A very happy time!

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