Monday, September 27, 2010

Phillie Gold

So, I'm riding along the streets of Philadelphia, when at the corner I spot a pretty, young Phillies fan in her Phillies jersey and cap. But standing next to her is a Jason Werth look-a-like holding a World Series trophy replica painted in gold. But that's not the odd part. He is painted all in gold - his Phillies outfit, his hair, his face!

Well, you get all kinds in Philadelphia, I think, but...wait a minute. That girl looks like Ava Berzinsky. If that's, it can't be! That's her dad, Greg! What is he doing? I found out what they both were doing, as I watched the news in the evening, and there they are again at the stadium! This picture is taken while they are being viewed by CNN.


Blogger Jeremy said...

That is so funny- because in watching one of the games this weekend (can't remember which), I saw "the Gold Guy" & was amazed at him. Who knew?!

3:25 PM  
Blogger dori said...

I think Greg has something with head to toe body spray paint...did you see his green army soldier Halloween costume last year? Inspired!...but I do wonder how he washes all that paint off!?

12:32 PM  
Blogger cskempf said...

I asked him; he said it's latex and it peels right, umm,....ok

11:28 AM  

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