Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hi Marion,

My family's bakery, Haegele's Bakery, in the Mayfair section of the Northeast was featured on the local news on Fastnacht Day because of the special Fastnacht doughnuts they make just once year. Click here for the video feature. My cousin, Glen, manages to witness about Jesus as he is shown turning the doughnuts. (He also mentions my dad, Erich Haegele.) I'm sending this along because it's a nice piece and also because Haegele's Bakery products are now available at the Reading Terminal Market at Dutch Country Meats, a purveyor of German foods. Tenth city dwellers might want to check it out.

Sharon Skeel


Blogger s duggan said...

So Sharon, how come you and David and Carter and Steven wern't there powdering donuts too? Did you do that growing up? Makes me sorry I gave up sweets for lent, can't wait till next year.

12:04 PM  
Blogger peggy said...

Sharon: I loved this since my family always enjoyed Fastnachts on Tuesday before Lent. Since I know your folks this was especially SWEET and interesting as well.

Peggy Garver

6:50 PM  

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