Thursday, December 01, 2005

Health Report

My colonoscopy of two weeks ago revealed that I have no signs of polyps or whatever it is to worry about.

Went to be diabetic educator yesterday. He's the one I fear the most. He connects my insulin pump and blood glucose monitor into a computer which then reveals all my sins - all my high blood sugars, all the times I did not check my sugar, and other transgressions. To make matters worse, Ginger sits in on the session and sees the same information.

What if there was a system to plug in our thought-life to a computer for a three-month check-up? Oh wait...what did Jesus say about every word spoken?


Blogger Ryia said...

Hooray! I spend a good portion of my job trying to find ways to get people to go to Diabetes Educators and download all their information. I'm glad to hear of someone doing it :)!!!

10:34 AM  

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