Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas Memory

Jesse Hubley is the first to send in a Christmas memory. Hope I will get more.

Christmas Eve, 2002 - I proposed to my girlfriend (now wife) Suzanne in the lobby of the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton. She met me at my place that evening to go to our first Tenth Christmas Eve Service (we began attending Tenth in July of that year), and I "suggested" that we stop at the Ritz beforehand to see their Christmas display. I proposed to her inside of the life-size gingerbread house, and she said yes (though I am still perplexed as to why she laughed rather than cried…). We asked the concierge to take our picture, which he did, then he offered us a complimentary champagne toast (which I assume is quite pricey at a place like that!). We then were privileged to hear the Westminster Brass and the glorious Christmas Eve Service for the first time!


Blogger s duggan said...

Neat,thanks for sharing. I know of at least one other 10th couple lurking out there with a Christmas Eve engagement story, because I recall 7 years ago having to supress my squeals of joy when a beringed hand was placed in my face just before the start of the Christmas Eve Service.

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