Monday, August 05, 2013

John Felser wrote this tribute to Jerry Schneider.

Jerry was an exemplary husband, father, and friend. He had a great influence on Chris and me from our dating period to present. We thankfully were able to stay in touch with him throughout the years, and count it a great blessing to have been his friends. Back when Chris and I got engaged, Jerry shared how he and Anne had read through the Psalms backwards, Psalm 60 to Psalm 1 as a countdown to their wedding. Chris and I did the same as a countdown to our wedding, and have continued to cycle through the Psalms as our bedtime reading to each other in the 20 years since then. Jerry had great wisdom to share with us about parenting, through both his words and his example, when we adopted Zakiyyah. He gave me invaluable support when we needed to make some tough decisions as a family.

When he would ask me how I was doing, he really wanted to know, and was always willing to share himself with me. He and I went to a Phillies game together last summer, which gave us hours of time to talk, and I got to hear his classic stories of his adventures as a meter reader, as well as to hear his whole early life story, on how he came to the Lord. He was an incredible, wise, and compassionate deacon, willing to take the unpopular stand for the honor of the gospel.

He fought the good fight against his epilepsy for decades, doing all he could to wisely address it, but never using it as an excuse or allowing himself to be stopped by it. He exhibited great humility concerning the obstacles it put in his way, yet was relentless in doing what he could, and in training his children to do the same. He was a truly brilliant man, but never used that brilliance to stand over others, but rather to serve them and the Lord more fully. He is greatly missed, yet we can give thanks for having known him for these many years, and can rejoice in the full knowledge that he is with the Lord.


Anonymous Sylvia Duggan said...

Amen to what John has said here. Jerry and Anne were some of the first people to offer me fellowship and welcome when I started regularly attending 10th Chruch by inviting me to a meal at their home with other church members. He even helped arrange transport form since I don't drive. I have kept up with them over the years and have always been blessed by Jerry's humble and sincere interest in how you are doing and your walk with the Lord.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Rick Phillips said...

Sharon and I deeply grieve the news of Jerry's death. He and Anne were wonderful friends to us during our years at Tenth, and Sharon had just talked to Anne about their upcoming vacation. We praise God for the testimony of Jerry's passionate and godly life, and for the indelible spiritual influence he left in the lives of all who knew him. We rejoice at the ultimate liberation which Jerry now enjoys, but grieve in our hearts for Anne and the children.

12:29 PM  

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