Wednesday, August 07, 2013

After School Positions

New Life Philadelphia has an after-school day program and is looking for a director and for a teacher. Job descriptions are below. If interested, contact Jean Ashman by email or call 215.421.3287.

Job Description – Director of the New Life After School Program
This job is approximately 21 hours per week- 17 hours of on site, working with the children and 4 hours are set aside for preparation and planning time, development work, meetings, paperwork and other duties.
We are seeking someone with a background in elementary education, child development, or related fields. College degree preferred but not required.  High school diploma required.  Membership or regular attendance at a Bible-believing Christian church required.
Director will be responsible for all daily operations of the program, from approximately the first week of September through mid-June.  Additionally, the director will work over the summer to prepare for the coming year, to advertise the program to attract new students, to set the schedule and events, to do long term strategic planning with the Board and to assist in hiring new staff.  The director is in charge of all program staff and reports to the Board of the After School Program, who reports to the session of NL Church.
The Director’s duties include but are not limited to:
1.      Planning lessons on a weekly/monthly basis.  Will be responsible for planning lessons, setting up enrichment activities and setting the curriculum.
2.      Communicating and reporting to the Board of the ASP on a regular basis and attending all monthly board meetings and any specially called meetings.
3.      Assisting with hiring of all staff and managing them.
4.      Purchasing and managing program supplies and managing the use of the program’s space.
5.      Teaching Bible lessons, scripture memorization, and sharing the gospel with students and parents when appropriate.
6.      Along with the board, setting the ASP schedule, policies and procedures and creating any and all forms of documents needed to enforce or set these policies. 
7.      Along with members of the board, fundraising on a regular basis in order to ensure the financial solvency of the program.
8.      Being in contact with parents and community leaders as the need arises.
9.      Designing constructive and Biblically bases discipline strategies and program rules and implementing them.
10.  Arriving at church no later than 3:00 pm on the days of the program to assist in setting up activities and leaving church no earlier than 6:10 p.m.
11.  Being available for at least one staff meeting per week, when necessary, to discuss student’s issues, talk with parents, discuss curriculum or plan future events.  Pray daily with staff before the students arrive.
12.  Accompanying teacher and students on various field trips, which may take place during the program hours or on weekends/school holidays.  These will be scheduled at the staff’s convenience.

Teacher Job Description
New Life After School Program
January 2013

The job of teacher is a salaried position.  The salary is based on the experience of the applicant.  It is for 17 hours a week- Monday  through Friday from approximately 2:30-6.  It is expected that there will be some preparation time needed.  We are seeking someone with experience in teaching, but not necessarily in a classroom. It would also be beneficial if there was experience with inner city students.  College degree preferred but not required.  High school diploma required.  Membership at a Bible believing church is required. 
Teacher will:
            *Assist director in planning curriculum and lessons on a weekly basis.  Depending on the discretion of the director, the teacher will be asked to teach an  “enrichment” period a week, such as arts and crafts, Bible, cooking, reading, games, etc.
            *Assist the director in implementing discipline strategies and consequences.
            *Arrive at the program no later than 2:45 p.m. in order to assist in setting up  activities and leave no earlier than 6:10 (or as soon as the last student leaves and the director says it is okay to go)
            *Be available for at staff meeting, called at the director’s discretion, to discuss student issues, talk with parents, plan future activities and pray for the students.
            *Accompany director and students on various field trips, which may take place during program hours or on weekends/other days.  These will be scheduled at the teacher’s convenience.


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