Friday, December 09, 2011

New exhibit at Luella Tripp's gallery

This exhibit will be up from December through January 7, 2012. Here is an excerpt from Luella's announcement.

FOCUS: 4th Annual Abstract Photography Exhibition presents works by seven artists in their first exhibition at LGTripp Gallery.  This collection of photographs, a diverse body of works, approaches and subject matter, offers a bird‘s eye glimpse of themes realized through this medium.

Photographers have employed the camera as a source to explore abstraction since the early 1900’s. The discovery of an instinctual art form that captures other aspects of reality, not representing an object in a literal fashion, seizing the subject in a unique and fleeting moment, allowing experimentation with abstract compositions of light, color and texture, the yielding to a new way of seeing, are some of the reasons emerging challenges and freedoms exist in the art of photography.  It is seemingly limitless in exploration.

For more information, visit LGTripp Gallery's website.


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