Tuesday, December 06, 2011

God's Strength in You

God’s strength in you is the thread woven through the book Outer Strength, Inner Strength, a collection of powerful essays written as personal letters to today’s woman, by Ginnie Mesibov, Tenth member and former staff member, in which she urges her reader to recognize and use her God-given strengths and skills.
Issues Ginnie addresses include: being angry and out of control; benefiting from laughter; finding time when you don’t have the time; watching loved ones suffer; viewing life as an adventure; cultivating joy; answering the question, “What am I doing here?”

Outer Strength, Inner Strength is the perfect Christmas gift to give to yourself, your friends, and your family. It sells for $15.99. Ginnie would be happy to autograph a copy of her book and bring it to Tenth. Call her at 215-732-0944 or email her. Outer Strength, Inner Strength is also available at amazon.com.

Linda Boice’s review: “Written in an engaging, writer-to-reader style, Outer Strength, Inner Strength speaks to the variety of experiences and issues all women face. Whether the subject is friendship or illness, vacation or prayer, this author is direct, down-to-earth and always encouraging. The reader cannot help but be strengthened by these reflections on life that emphasize both the inner strengths with which women are gifted and the spiritual resources always available from a loving and compassionate heavenly Father.”


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