Monday, December 05, 2011

A dream no longer...hope has come!

On Thursday this architect's rendering of the new Esperanza ("hope" in Spanish) Health and Wellness Center opened its door to the Hunting Park neighborhood. It was a grant opening with many luminaries including John Perkins (a great friend of Tenth), Manny Ortiz (pastor of Spirit & Truth), Ruth Naomi Ruth (whose voice delights heaven) and even Mayor Nutter.

Hundreds were conducted on tours throughout the center (I got to be in Suzanna Linton's group -- that was an experience!) and so many people from Tenth were present. [Ted Vobril's desk tempted me to give up my gum].

More than celebrating the opening of another medical facility, it is the strategic ministry of Esperana which does give hope. Their missions statement begins "Compelled by the love of God in Christ Jesus, in cooperation with the Church and others,..."


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