Friday, December 02, 2011

Update on Sam Hsu

Dear Church Family,

Final tests are being run this morning, but the likely result is that our brother Sam Hsu will be declared to have died. This is a sad day for our church. We know that our Lord is sovereign; we know that he is good; we know that our brother - probably already now - enters into glory. And yet, there is a time for tears and to mourn with one another.

As Dr. Boice once wrote:

"Mourning for one who has died is not only permitted but also expected, especially for one to whom we have been close. No doubt, there is a kind of mourning that may only be a form. There may be long faces, forced tears, black clothing, ritual seclusion—all of which mean nothing, for the reason that the loss is not felt. But in the case of a Christian, where relations have developed and been deepened by years of spiritual growth and sharing, tears are a natural and proper expression of great grief. To weep for a loved one is to show that we have been close, that the loss is keenly felt, that death is an enemy, and that sin has brought this sad punishment upon the human race."

As we grieve, know that the Lord will grant us comfort, peace, and strength, especially as he uses us to lift up one another.

When I have more information, I will pass it on to you. Sam has two brothers, Tim and Andrew. Be sure to uphold them and Tim's family.



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