Monday, October 15, 2007

Singing Sparrows

Hi Marion and happy Monday morning:

I know you and the staff must get numerous comments from people about how they don't feel various ministry things working well etc. So I thought you all should start your day with a bit of encouragement. Vicky and I went to the Sparrows event (as we have for years now). It was great to see how the ministry has grown and thrived over the last 10 years. I remember the early years when it was maybe 15 people or so total. Saturday we had 20 adults (many of them not moms) and probably close to 30 girls of all ages. What a joy it was to watch them interact with each other, listen attentively to the message, and help and spur each other on creatively with the craft. After the craft we always take a group picture for Dori's records. This time we wanted to have everyone in the shot, including Dori, so while Dori went to ask the sexton to come take the picture, Cheryl got the girls all lined up. It took awhile to get the sexton, change camera batteries, etc., and while they waited someone started singing a hymn to keep the girls from breaking ranks. Well, I'll tell you it was certainly a testimony to the Schola and Praisemakers initiatives. (And Dr. Jones' work in general with hymnody and church music.) These girls sang, sang well, knew the words, and asked for another when they finished the first... it was great to hear and see. I just wanted the staff to know that the fruit of many different tendrils of the vine of Tenth's ministry. The resources and prayer given to them was strongly evident to many on Saturday afternoon.

Sylvia Duggan


Blogger dori said...

Sarah Childress ran to get a sexton to take a group shot (I was replacing camera batteries). When she got back to Fellowship Hall she heard the singing & was able to get an audio recording of it with her camera! Ask her to send it to you if you're interested! Mamle Mante gave a wonderful devotional too!

4:31 PM  
Blogger C.Brubaker said...

And while we are adding comments ...I started the singing with Jesus loves the little children..( first thing that came to mind to get the singing started!with a group of such different ages 5 - 16) Then the girls started calling out their suggestions while we waited... all hymns! They sang To God be the Glory. ALL the verses, I think.
...An idea...Maybe Paul needs to consider offering a hymnody and hymn memorization class for the adults as well ! :>) Maybe we could offer it at the Parish level ( in someone's home) and each of the music staff could teach in a different Parish once a month...

8:29 AM  
Blogger s duggan said...

I like Cheryl's idea, but since at best only some of any parish will come, another way to do this and to hit everyone is to continue the "hymn of the month" type thing that we have done periodically since Pastor Ryken started preaching in the evening. We could also put certain core hymns on a regular rotation of what we sing.
I know that, both growing up in the Episcopal chruch and since then, the main way I have learned hymns by heart is not by intentional memorization (not that there is anything wrong with that) but by singing them in services on a regular or seasonal basis. This is especially helpful (and less intimidating) to someone like me who has always had trouble making the connection between notes I see on a page and what to do to make that come out of my mouth and who is eternal grateful to the psalmist for saying "make a joyful noise" not "make an on pitch and in tune noise" unto the Lord.

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