Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas List

It is time for Christmas shopping. Help me come up with the ideal Christmas gifts for the following: (the more fanciful the better)

Phil Ryken
Aaron Messner
Carroll Wynne
Bruce McDowell
Cora Hogue
Paul Jones
Jonathan Olsen
Jerry McFarland
Pat Canavan


Anonymous jessie said...

I understand that Aaron Messner took a personality test that said his personality is like that of a Saint Bernard -- so perhaps that would be a good gift. And seeing as how it is winter, the dog could pull the kids on a sled--very good gas mileage.

For Paul Jones - I hear he absolutely LOVES the bird in the Christmas tree - so how about a nice bird for the holly tree at his house. (If Phil gave it, it could be a Cardinal). Either that, or something with LOTS and LOTS of glitter, eh? Either that or a new organ.

And for Phil - how about a trip to Spring Training with the Cardinals?

2:35 PM  
Anonymous jessie said...

on another note - perhaps there is a gift that the pastoral staff could provide at the congregational meeting - in the tradition of "The Joke" that Dr. Boice would tell each year.

I've always thought that Carroll and Phil would do a great "Who's on First" routine.

Another gift that one could give Aaron Messner is his own personal helicopter with which to transport Nathan to school every day (bypassing traffic on 76). The helicopter would run on solar energy - so as to keep the operating costs extremely low.

3:53 PM  

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