Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Toddler Move

The 2 year olds should be marching over to the Alliance building in two weeks (35 kids). Renovations are moving ahead on the first floor and furniture and supplies will be moved over this Sunday. We will access the building through the Delancey Street entrance. We are so crowded now that children have to be turned away some Sundays because of reaching maximum capacity.


Blogger s duggan said...

Earlier you had another post about the nursery needing toys etc. I have some to offer but can't find that post and the email for the harnley's from the directory didn't work. could you republish her email here in comments for me. I'll check back later. Thanks

9:11 AM  
Blogger M Clark said...

Requested toys include: Kitchen playset and other role play toys; Little People playsets (ex. house, farm), people, and animals; Musical toys and CD/Cassette player; appropriate toys and books. Other requested supplies include construction paper, glue bottles or gluesticks, and crayons or washable markers.

Please contact Kristen Harnly if you are interested in donating toys and materials for the nursery. My email is and phone number is 610.449.0353.

(By the way. What I did was type in "nursery" in the blog search window at the top of this site."

1:07 PM  

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