Monday, March 27, 2006

From the Field

From the CCA field report sent in by Linda Boice:

Dear Marion,

So much of our teaching is like farming, though in an urban setting! Tilling the ground, breaking it up so that seeds can be sown, planting the seeds and then providing water and weeding. And in the end the Lord has to see that those seeds germinate and grow and produce a good crop. One of our senior girls, whose four years at CCA have sometimes been rocky, and not always visibly productive, went to Mrs. Calvanico, one of our two excellent Bible teachers. The young woman was upset about the way a friend had been treating her, and felt let down and discouraged. Her question to her former teacher was about how to react to someone who seems no longer to be your friend. Could Mrs. Calvanico give her a verse to help her react in the right way? Mrs. C. said she knew of several, but wanted a few days to think about it. Several days later she had a list of verses and passages and shared them to our student. The student was deeply encouraged. She went home and told her mother that she would take that list to college with her, because she knew that the Scripture passages would be a help in the days and years ahead. The mother, in telling me this, was rejoicing at the help and godly encouragement her daughter had received.

So we continue to till, and plant, water and weed, and pray for good growth in the lives of our students.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. C's love for her student is a great testimony. She could have answered the student quickly and moved on, but her care and thoughtfulness allowed the Spirit to work.

9:47 PM  

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