Monday, March 27, 2006


We received this thank you by email:

Dear fellow believers:

I just finished reading the fourth volume of James Montgomery Boice's Romans. In the preface, Boice thanked the elders and congregation of Tenth Presbyterian Church who encouraged him to spend so much time in sermon preparation. I have used his writings many times in preparing to teach Sunday School, and I too thank you. What a great investment your church made! Christians the world over will continue to be blessed by Boice's works until our Lord returns. I pray God's blessings on you and your current pastor. May God continue to use Tenth Presbyterian Church in a great way.

In Christ,

Jim Crockett
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Anonymous cbrubaker said...

Amazing how Tenth is really visible in so many ways. Also what an encouragement to read this note from Mr. Crockett,in Mississippi !I think it is easy for us ( Tenth members) to overlook,or not even realize, this part of our "ministry" as a church. I am glad it has been included in the recent Strategic Planning Discussions. I am looking forward to how this visibility will work itself out in the Music Ministry as well! (Go Paul!!)

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