Friday, March 31, 2006

Best aerobics workout

For a number of weeks (before life came crashing in on my schedule) I had the joy of being in the choir. What a wonderful time! If you have any joy in singing, this is the place you should be whether it is in the full choir, men's choir, Schola or ensembles. Paul Jones is a wonderful teacher (as are the other assistant conductors) but he does require you to be ready to work (I left my first rehearsal worn out!), able to count (without taking off your shoes) and willing to offer yourself to the Lord in music. The conviviality makes for a team atmosphere, everyone helps to keeps you on track (and pitch) with what is going on (Andrew once complimented me on the harmony I was singing when we were supposed to be singing the same part!), and the interns sit in the front row (but don't think that Paul won't hear your single voice -- he does!).

I learned so much about the music we were singing, the way we could express it and the enjoyment of blending my voice and soul with others in music.


Blogger cskempf said...

Carroll, I agree & agree again. Singing in the June choir one or two summers changed my understanding of singing in worship. It was a wonderful time, tho brief, and full of lots of learning.

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