Wednesday, February 01, 2006

PCA Pastor Seeking Stem Cell Matching Donor

TE Toby Yelverton, PCA pastor of two churches in Vaiden, Mississippi, was diagnosed in the fall of 2004 with acute promyelocytic leukemia. His wife, Elaine, died May 3, 2003 after a long struggle with cancer. He has been undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy. His doctor now feels that he needs a stem cell transplant and they are in the process of finding a suitable donor. His family has been tested and none have been found suitable donors, so the search for a matching donor has been widened. You can read more about Toby and how you can be tested to see if you are a match. To read more, go to and type in "tobyyelverton" in the first "site name" box.


Blogger Suzanne said...

I know the Yelverton family really well. His daughter Katie is my age, and his son John was a good friend of mine in elementary school.

Their plight as a family has been so sad, with so many painful blows over the years with broken necks, cancer, and relocation away from a school family that loved them very much.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Jessie B said...

I called the number in Mississippi as suggested and they report receiving lots of calls from all over. HOWEVER they cannot test you unless you go to Mississppi - so if you are interested, you must do the other route outlined in the website.

ALSO NOTE - if you are already in the national bone marrow registry, you will have already been scanned as a match and would have been notified.

12:26 PM  

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