Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Workshop Training

I won't be available much of today or the week. The Workshop on Biblical Exposition runs from Wednesday through Friday. Training for the workshop leaders begins today and is held in my study. Kent Hughes is leading the training. You may remember he is the pastor of College Church in Wheaton and spoke at Phil's installation service.


Blogger Jesse Hubley said...

For the benefit of Marion's blog readers while he is busy the next few days, just a reminder that there is a link on the right to the Reformation21 blog, which has some interesting debate this week between Rick Phillips and a Baptist minister (Justin Taylor) on the issue of infant baptism and covenant grace (and some comic relief from Dr. Ryken!).
As a new father this topic is of particular interest to me at this time, and with the booming nursery we have at Tenth right now I'm sure many others are in my boat!

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