Friday, January 20, 2006

From the 1987 Annual Report

We have started to implement the recommendations of the committee which studied the report prepared by Dr. Timothy Keller on the direction and structure of our church. The purpose of all this is that we and others, not yet saved, may "grow in the grace of knowledge of our Lord and Savior"...

There were two special events of the year. One was the ordiantion of Richard M. Wolfe, our Assistant Minister, at which Dr. Sinclair Ferguson preached. The other, the appointment of our Glenn N. McDowell to the position of Singles Pastor...

In late spring of 1987, the CCA Board of Directors hired Tenth member Thomas F. Thompson as CCA's first full-time principal.


Blogger Chuck Boyce said...

Wow, Tim Keller. Not used to seeing his name in the postings on previous year's Tenth Annual Reports. Cool!


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