Tuesday, December 20, 2005

TenthWomen Conference in the News

This also came in through byFaith email (If you want to get the emails, go to www.byfaithonline.com.

The Annual TenthWomen Conference: “Living with Hope in a Lonely World,” will be on Saturday, February 25, 2006, at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Penn. Jayne Clark (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary) will be speaking on how to remedy loneliness through our union with Christ. Registration fee $35, High School students $10, College/Grad Students $20. Scholarships available. Pre-ordered lunches available $10. More information available at http://www.tenth.org/index.php?id=127.


Anonymous Jessie Bible said...

I just wanted to put in my personal plug for the conference. I've known Jayne (pronounced like Janie) Clark for several years and she is a wonderful woman with an amazing gift of speaking truth in a winsome manner. She has a heart for building up Christian community and is also very gifted in mercy ministry. (She was in the first class of deaconnesses at New Life Church in Glenside.)

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