Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ten Day Bach

I am listening to ten days of continuous Bach music on the BBC radio. Click here to go to the site.


Anonymous Susan Fletcher said...

Dear Marion,

Speaking of the BBC at Christmas, I love their Christmas Eve Day broadcast from King's Chapel, Cambridge, particularly how the service opens with the lone choirboy singing accapella the first stanza of "Once in Royal David's City." It is a traditional Church of England service with carols and readings.

I learned a bit more about the service when I visited Cambridge a few years ago. A friend of mine was a visiting fellow at Corpus Christi College, and he told me that the service is a gift from the church to the community of Cambridge. If you are not a resident of Cambridge it is practically impossible to go.

But the other bit of informatiion I learned was even more interesting. All of the boys in the choir are prepared to sing solo the opening stanza of "Once in Royal David's City," but it is only moments before they parade to the chapel that the very one who will be singing is notified. My friend explained that this is not done to needlessly torture the boys, rather that their voices are so vulnerable at this age, on the brink of puberty, that even a day can make a difference. To promise the spot to someone, only to revoke it just before the performance would indeed be heartbreaking. As you can imagine, it is quite an honor to be picked for this solo.


Susan Fletcher

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