Thursday, December 22, 2005

From the 1980 Annual Report

The Joyful Sound (singles fellowship)

Our present program consists of four activities. First, we have a fellowship breakfast and SS class every Sunday morning beginning at 9:30. Second, every Friday night or Saturdy we have either some type of social event or some type of service project. Third, we have two retreats each year. Fourth, we have a new program on Sunday evenings after the worship service in which a group meets in a local home. Its purpose is the edification of Tenth members through fellowship and the evangelism of unbelievers in the city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Marion,

Your Tenth readers may be interested to know that the dating book that Sharon and I have written will be out in a week or so. (See it at It is titled: "Holding Hands, Holding Hearts"). It originated with dating seminars we gave at Tenth, and the book is dedicated to our beloved singles of City Light.

Merry Christmas to you and Ginger!

Rick Phillips

1:47 PM  

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