Friday, September 27, 2013

Need Angel's Grace for Woman's Liver Transplant to Occur

HOSTS for HOSPITALS (HfH) is a non-profit agency providing free lodging and caring support in private homes for patient-families coming to Greater Philadelphia for specialized medical care. (

As we have not yet been able to find lodging for the family of a woman requiring of a liver transplant, we are searching for an angel to step forward to help this family in their time of desperate need.

The patient is a woman from N. Carolina who will receive a liver transplant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania if we can arrange lodging for her family. The donor will be her 21 year-old son, who will be donating part of his own liver to her. Without the transplant she is not expected to survive.

The difficulty that we face in finding lodging for this family is that we need lodging for six people total, including her husband for whom we need a wheelchair accessible home. In January he experienced a stroke and now needs other family members to help him with all of his needs. Therefore, the family members who will need lodging at one time or another will be the patient, her husband, their 23 year-old daughter, 21 and 14 year-old sons, and, the husband's own 72 year-old mother. They will need lodging for about six months starting whenever we may have lodging to offer to them.

They will have a car so a home within about an hour of Center City would work. We can divide the stay between successive host-homes if need be. They are fine with pets, and the social worker who referred the family to HfH describes them as a "sweet, loving and incredibly caring family."

Anyone interested in lodging these guests for 3 weeks or longer at any time over the next 6 months should contact us ASAP.

For those of you who wonder how it works to host a family, HfH is being featured on the WMCN-44 television show Dawn, hosted by Dawn Stensland-Mendte. She and her team did an awesome job in putting the show together! Please therefore watch any of these eight-minute segments from the show:
HfH Director Mike Aichenbaum with Dawn
HfH Director Mike Aichenbaum and HfH-host Chris Taylor of Thorofare, New Jersey, with Dawn
HfH-host Sue Kruse of Center City and guest Margaret Massami with Dawn

As always, thank you so much for your time in receiving these periodic emails from HfH.

Mike Aichenbaum
Executive Director
fax: 215-472-3803
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HOSTS for HOSPITALS (HfH) is a nonprofit agency providing free lodging and support at volunteer host-homes as a caring response to the housing needs of patients and their families who come to Greater Philadelphia for specialized medical care. From July 2000 through August 2013, host-families have provided 2,328 patient-families a combined total of over 79,750 nights of free lodging, saving these guests $5.34 million in equivalent hotel expenses.


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