Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Maranatha Moment

Perhaps you remember a few months back, during the morning service, about 100 people, mostly teenagers, clad in gray t-shirts storming the platform.  If you were so overwhelmed by the number of bodies up front that you missed what was said, let me fill you in: Maranatha, our youth ministry, was  being commissioned for summer missions.

Maranatha was able to team up with some wonderful partners and go on five trips this year.  We ran a day camp in West Philly at Spruce Hill, one in South Philly at Grace and Peace, and one in Northeast Philly at Northeast Community Church. We had our first Vocation Trip which gave students the ability to experience ministry work at places like Alpha Pregnancy Center, Esperanza Health Center, and others.  Finally, we took a team of 21 people on a 10-day trip to the Dominican Republic, where we partnered with the Cohens and Santiago Christian School.

We would love for you all to learn more about how these trips went, but The Powers That Be aren't letting all 100 of us descend upon the platform again (maybe that's a good thing!), so we are inviting you to a Missions Wrap Up in Fellowship Hall after this Sunday's evening service (22nd).  You will hear testimonies from both students and leaders about their personal experience serving the Lord through Maranatha missions. If you are a parent or a financial or spiritual supporter of a Maranatha missionary, or just interested in hearing what our ministry is all about, we encourage you to come out this Sunday night.  It will be a great encouragement for our teens to see you there, and we truly believe you will be encouraged by what you hear as well.

Oh, and there will be desserts!


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