Friday, September 13, 2013

On Sunday

This coming Sunday:

The "Resolving Everyday Conflict" Class is being moved to a new location - 315 Building, 3 Rear. The Delancey Building room was too small and fights broke out (just kidding). The Evangelism class is switching and moving into 4 East Delancey (the top floor in the Delancey building; turn left at top of stairs).

The Small Group Fair will be held between the morning services, after the 11:00 service, and after the evening service. Tables will be set up on the Spruce Street apron, providing information on all the small groups of the church in the parishes and of the various fellowship ministries.
Bridge Builders are having their first luncheon of the fall. They are beginning a new teaching series on the parables of Jesus. George McFarland will speak. They meet at 1:00 in Fellowship Hall East.

Tenth City Network young adults will be standing on the corner holding up protest signs. No wait, they will be signs inviting other young adults to join them for lunch.

College students will be invited by Tenth College Fellowship to stay at the church and eat a free meal in the Catacombs.

I'm not sure where I will eat.


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