Monday, August 12, 2013

For a Weary Young Mom

Recently, the mother of young children sent an email to me and Ginger. Here is the email and Ginger's response:

My question is, What does it look like to love the Word and systematically study it as a mom of young children? In this stage of life, I feel so limited in being able to keep up any sort of systematic study of the Word. I can catch some at our small group and church, but I wish I had more desire to do systematic study on my own. I fear I use my children as an excuse not to systematically study the Bible, but most times I really do feel hard pressed for mental energy to do so. Maybe the question is, What does a rich personal spiritual life look like for a weary young mom? How does one still prioritize loving the Word and its systematic study?

I know how you feel. I was often so tired when my children were little that it was hard to just do the basic things like childcare, let alone study the Word! I took comfort in knowing that the Lord knows me and that I am a weak clay vessel for him to use as he pleases. I knew he had called me to be the wife and mother that I was. He knew my schedule and what I was able to do. That gave me freedom to do what I could when I could, knowing that down the road, when my children were older and my schedule more my own, I would have more time to read, pray, and study God's Word. I also knew I had my children to love and lovingly lead toward the Lord. Is there a greater gift than leading or pointing your children toward becoming children and fellow heirs of our King and Lord?

Now what can you do? This is a fun adventure! First of all pray, ask the Lord to show you how at this time, place, and calling in your life to grow, study and worship in him. I would take what moments I could and pray, for example, when I did dishes, took a shower, drove the car, went for a walk. Reading was harder. Psalms or short devotions worked well for me usually when I first got up, at nap time, or when I went to bed. Also quick prayers offered up throughout the day are good - especially when the phone rings or someone knocks at your door! Include the Lord in everything, as he is with you.

Reading children's devotionals, praying, and singing with the children is a wonderful devotional time. I believe the Lord delights in our desire to spend time with him however we can and especially with our children. Maybe this is how you can read/ study the Bible now. Make it come alive in a joyful way to your children! This is a gift you only have until your children grow. Enjoy this time.

As your children grow you will have more time to read and study God's Word. I know, because I sought this and now I read through the Bible each year and have long devotional times. I also have a journal that I keep prayer requests in, along with notes of things I have learned over the years. Adapt to and treasure the seasons of life given you.


Anonymous Jessie said...

audio resources are good too. I know some moms who listen to audio Bibles as they do chores like fold laundry. There are places where you can listen for free - like

Also, sometimes listening to good teaching while you are doing things is helpful & there are a wealth of free resources.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Sylvia S. Duggan said...

What a great question and what a great answer. I too have struggled with this from time to time. I would echo what Ginger said about reading scripture, bible story books etc. with your children regularly, the tasks of parenting and spiritual study don't have to be compartmentalized. Some of the deepest truths we need to know and hold on to are the "basic" ones often presented most clearly in material for children. The Church Library has a large variety of materials that could be used this way and I would be happy to help people looking for them and answer questions either in the library or by email based on the materials I found most useful with my own children at various ages.

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