Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Correction to the Correction

Mark Brown has it right:


Your ratio seems a bit off. Apparently the number of people who have ever lived is somewhere around 100 to 120 billion. Besides Enoch and Elijah, there are approximately 7 billion people alive today who have not died. (And of course there are some who claim to have died and make lots of money writing books about it.)

So in fact your formula should be something like X - 7,000,000,002 = Y, and the ratio of X to Y would be in the range of 93% or 94%. As time goes on the ratio will presumably get a bit closer to 100% (if we keep the birth rates down), but since Scripture seems to indicate there will be some people still alive when Christ returns, Y will always exceed X by some amount larger than 2.

Back to work....


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