Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Trouble with Paul Tripp

I am not a critical person, and I would never criticize someone I have worked with, but someone has got to do something about Paul Tripp! I never did feel comfortable with his preaching because it was obvious that he was pointing his finger at me when he would get to those "heart issues." I am reading his Lost in the Middle now, and he is worse in his writings. Every book I read of his, it is obvious that he has done some investigating into my life (I suspect Carroll Wynne). With other writers, I can read and be appreciative of their insights. But with Paul, I want to say to his books, "Mind your own business!" Take this comment, for instance: "We tend to live with what is good for us as our deepest concern." He can't fool me with the "we" word. I know he means, "you." How can he keep being so accurate? Well, at least I did not pig out on Big Bob's monster hamburger, monster fries, and the "kitchen sink" dessert like he did. 


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