Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Skype Bible Study

I still have 3-5 slots open for anyone to join me in a one-time Skype Bible study this coming Thursday at 9:00a.m., EST. You need to have video capability. Email me if you would like to join in and send me your Skype username. This is a practice trial to hold a group Bible study. Once I get the kinks worked out (if any), then I will help to see similar groups get started. Ideas: shut-ins, early morning before work or noontime at work, stay at home mothers, nationwide or worldwide groups.

By the way, according to my records, we have 400 communicant members in some kind of small group, of which there are 56. That represents 26% of resident members. That's a good base, but I certainly would like to see those numbers grow. You can see all the groups at Access ACS. Go to the church website and click "Access ACS" on the top right hand column.


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