Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I received this news from Tenth elder Bryce Bartruff, who is Senior Director/COO of, well, read on.

I want you to be aware that effective September 1, 2011 the American Missionary Fellowship has changed its name to InFaith. The mission continues to serve the Lord by bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to people across the USA as it has since 1817.  In fact, our ongoing effort to communicate unchanging truth in a changing world is the primary reason for the change in the name.  The new name is intentionally short and we believe, more memorable.  We pray it will open doors to growth for our mission and for the body of Christ in the USA.  Our missionaries will continue to minister as pastors of churches in communities that would otherwise be unreached, as area missionaries, chaplains, church planters, youth ministers, to run camping programs, work with people in troubled urban settings, a variety of intra cultural settings and of course the InFaith School of Biblical Learning is still scheduled to launch October 1.  


Anonymous Shannon Christman said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about InFaith! We also have a Facebook page, www.facebook.com/infaith. Be sure to "like" us there to hear more about what God is doing through our mission all over the country.

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