Monday, December 27, 2010

Top Tenth Stories

With this being the week of "Most Memorable Stories of 2010," why don't we draw up a top 10 or 15 list for Tenth? Some that quickly come to mind are:

1. Phil Ryken to Wheaton
2. Cora's wedding
3. New daughter church - Grace & Peace
4. Phil Beauford's entry into glory
5. The record snowfall
6. The record heat wave
7. New sanctuary floor
8. New elevator and classrooms

Send me more ideas.

More that come to mind:
9. Barnhouse/Boice 50/10 celebrations
10. 22 young people in Communicants Class (highest ever; public reception this Sunday)
11. Boice 40-day devotional published (amazing editing)
12. Philip Kirkland ordained
13. Robert Polen and Jonny McGreevy licensed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cora's wedding isn't #2! It should be tied for first place! :)

8:08 PM  

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