Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doing It All

Not that I pay attention to these things, but the game ending game winning punt return of the Eagles was made possible by the final block of wide receiver Jason Avant. Here is a writer's comment about him. Be sure to read to the end and to click the link I put on his name.

That he was on the field at all on that play shows Avant's versatility and value to the Eagles. He began the play as the lone true punt rusher, and was on the left side of the field at the Giants' 17 when the kick went off. He then raced back to the right to deliver his key block at the Giants' 46.

"I was supposed to get last man in pursuit," Avant said after the game.

Said Jackson: "I don't even know who he hit, but he took them like two feet off the ground."

Punt rush? Check. Blocking? Check. Chipping a lineman to help protect the quarterback? Avant does that, too. Third-down receptions? Check. Lead a weekly Eagles Bible study group? Mark that box as well.


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