Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Name That Church Leader

A couple of weekends ago, we had a dinner for the deaconesses, deacons, elders, and pastoral staff. As part of the entertainment, I had a representative from each of the first two groups to come up and identify who these questions and statements applied to. How well can you do? I'll post the answers in the comments. All the individuals are on the present boards. I'll list the board members in another posting. (By the way, an ordained minister is also an elder. You'll need to know that.)

1. His lab partner presented him the gospel; he presented her with a ring.
2. Ten of the elders on session are former deacons. Which one of these four men was not: Sam Hsu, Pat Canavan, George McFarland, Bryce Bartruff?
3. I wonder if this deacon’s favorite breakfast food is Belgium waffles.
4. Pat “Candy Man” Canavan may have given these two deacons candy in SS.
5. In grade school, these three elders learned about the War of Northern Aggression.
6. If you can’t hear well, you should visit this deaconess.
7. These three members of the diaconate might see you in court.
8. There are three different types of family pairs among the members of the boards. Name them.
9. This pastoral staff person is a bowling champion.
10. This elder was a pastor long before becoming a ruling elder.
11. This pastor was an elder long before becoming a pastor.
12. Wheaton? No! She’s a Covenant grad.
13. You might hear these two elders humming the tune “Mmm good…mmm good… that’s what…”
14. His middle initial “P” probably stands for “Pun.”
15. If you want an audio copy of a sermon – any sermon – talk to this elder.
16. These diaconal winter birds drive north for the winter.
17. I’m surprised these two elders did not bike to dinner.

This Deacon, whose father’s name was Deacon, became one of the most famous golfers of all time.


Blogger M Clark said...

1. Brandon Placek
2. Pat Canavan
3. Sebastian Demoiny
4. Jonathan Brandenburg, Jeff Thompson
5. Marion Clark, Tom Elliott, Hugh Taylor
6. Maxine Young
7. Celia Rooney, Mike Rooney, Jeff Wilson
8. Siblings (Andy & Julio Zamora), Marriage (Dave & Sandy Allen, Sebastian & Sara Demoiny, Mike & Celia Rooney, Stan & Janice Roberts), Parent-Child (Ron & Jamin Ferner)
9. David Apple
10. Carlos Perkins
11. Carroll Wynne
12. Sarah Staley
13. Ron Ferner & Bill Langford
14. Tom Jackson
15. Fred Hill
16. Stan & Janice Roberts
17. Dave Collins & Bill Langford
Bonus: Arnold Palmer (Wake Forest Deacon)

4:36 PM  
Blogger C.Brubaker said...

These were GREAT thanks for posting them! Fun!

12:33 AM  

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