Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Drexel law student looking for housing

My son, Matthew, received a notice from Drexel U./Law School that he had been admitted last Sat. My pastor, John MacArthur, and my Music Minister, Clayton Erb, recommended that I contact you to see if any families rent out rooms or if you know of apartments near the school. We are flying back this Wed. (8/5) to spend a few days getting acquainted with the campus and Philadelphia. Contact Ron Klint (father)


Blogger Barbara said...

i tried to contact Ron but my computer wouldn't let me access the link. My name is Barbara I used to be a regular attender at tenth. I have a two bedroom apt to rent out all utilities included $815 a month!!! apt can even be furnished. Negotiable. Please call me 347-479-9962

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