Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BBQ is Not a Verb

In my neverending labors to edify Tenth Church members, I am posting this musical lesson that explains BBQ. For the most part, the instruction is accurate, though as is typical of North Carolinians, they stereotype South Carolinians. Northwest SC, where Rick Phillips now resides, has the red sauce; midlands SC, now the home of Sinclair Ferguson, is the only area with the mustard base sauce (check out Shealy's in Leesville; not bad); my area of east SC has the vinegar version that is appropriately praised in the instruction video.

Thanks to Jonathan Inman for sending The Barbeque Song.


Blogger dori said...

Okay...so this is really just the southern version of cheesesteak wars? I mean, come on...mustard, vinegar or mayo!? The only important food question is...will it be "wit" provolone or cheese wiz!

10:31 PM  

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