Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Traveling Report

I am at my sister's house a few miles outside Ft. Worth, looking over 30 acreas of fields and trees. Ginger and I head out later to be with friends, the Friersons, who live on Lake Texoma. David pastors Sherwood Presbyterian Church. Then next week we all head back to Dallas for General Assembly.

Last night we went to the Love and War Restaurant. I ate "wild boar roast." (I don't think the boar was really wild, but it was tasty.) On the plane we sat by a woman with a family travel business. I moved so her 92 year old mother could sit with her, and they both, of course, enjoyed Ginger's company the rest of the trip. Ginger also befriended a young soon-to-be military man at the airport. Really, I can't take her anywhere without her thinking of how to encourage anybody she sees. I've tried to teach her my technique of sticking my head in a book, but it's not working.


Blogger peggy said...

A good wife is a real encouragement and blessing.

2:50 PM  

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