Friday, November 30, 2007

Campaign Inserts

I am catching up with reading and just saw the first two bulletin inserts answering questions about the capital campaign. They can be accessed, by the way at the church website (see link on right). You will see a link on the front page that then takes you to the inserts. The first insert has an extremely well written essay on why now is the time to undertake such a campaign. The second begins a series of answering questions people have been asking and then presenting a specific project from the campaign. The most recent presents the project to renovate facilities. Here is an exerpt that presents some specifics:

"Included in this project are the following main improvements: 1) new flooring, sound system, and lighting in the sanctuary, 2) reconfigured choir loft and renovated tower office above the music office, 3) new bathrooms and carpets in the Catacombs, and 4) a new kitchen and sound system for Fellowship Hall."


Blogger C.Brubaker said...

It must be me...but I am having some difficulty locating the bulletin inserts to which you refer....can you give some more direction as to where to find them on the Tenth Website?

6:55 AM  

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