Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CCA Proposal

I cannot express how mind-boggling the progress of the City Center Academy request is to me. I was absent from the discussions of the Session meeting May 20, the CCA Board on May 25, the Congregational Forum May 28, all of which I would normally have played an active role in. When I first read the CCA proposal, I thought to myself that it could be little more than a pipe-wish. That it has reached the stage of going before the congregation for a vote is amazing. But then I do know some of what has been going on. The Session chose two of its members known for their business acumen to analyze how realistic the plan really was. I do know that they went at the task rigorously. I don't have a sharp business mind, but if these men gave the okay and the whole session agreed, I know that it must have a sound footing and trust the Lord's blessing.

I am not given to major declarations, but I can say that if this proposal is approved by the congregation, it will be an historic and unifying occasion for the church. In the Keller report, conducted twenty years ago by Tim Keller for the church, the number one divisive issue in the congregation noted was CCA. And now, when the future of the school is in doubt, for the church to regard her as a strategic partner to reach Philadelphia and to make such generous donations and forgiving of debt is beyond what my dreams could have been. I speak as a former CCA principal and teacher, a Board member, and a former CCA parent. I know a decision is yet to be made, but even if the congregation should choose otherwise, I appreciate the spirit which has led the leaders and the congregation to prayerfully consider the matter. From what I have been told, there has been no rancour but only a desire to determine what is God's leading for both the church and the school. I will be in daily prayer for the meeting.

By the way, to review the proposal, click here.


Anonymous Diana Frazier said...

If you have read the school statistics in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding our public schools, then you know that the mission of CCA is critical. The children of our city need our -- Tenth's -- support, protection, and direction. One way to do it is to help shore up the foundations of this school.

I trust the congregation of Tenth will finally and fully embrace the school and approve this plan.

If you have doubts about the need, contact The Children's Jubliee Fund and request the DVD they have on funding scholarships for Christian schools. The stories of the families will make the need clear.

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