Monday, May 08, 2006

CCA and Latin Exam

The National Latin Exam is given (surprise! surprise!) nationally. Each exam consists of four sections--Latin I, Latin II, Latin Prose, Latin Poetry--and each section has forty multiple choice questions. These relate to Latin grammar, ancient culture and mythology, reading comprehension (short passages are provided and questions put concerning these passages).
Two Latin IV students (and, by the way, we've never had Latin IV before) scored magna cum laude--"with great praise." May I add, our English teacher, Linda Boice (for the second year in a row) chose to take the Latin II exam--she too scored magna cum laude. It "made her day." Well, we're proud as can be of Mrs. Boice! We're also proud of these two seniors! They will be duly honored, come Awards Assembly.

Norman Campbell (Latin Instructor)


Anonymous Paul said...

This is a sign of God's continued blessing on this outreach to the children of Philadelphia.

Linda Boice's commitment and example to these students is nothing short of inspiring.

CCA is not only reaching out, but obviously impacting lives and making a difference!

Glory to God alone!


9:24 PM  

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