Monday, April 10, 2006

Of Times and Times

For the Friday concert, we will open Handicapped alley gates at 6:30 for the concert (a full hour beforehand) and portico gates can open at 6:45. If weather is nasty, we will have people enter the Delancey lobby door and they can sit in RH until 6:45, as we do for Christmas Eve.

For Thursday dress rehearsal at 7pm, we will open handicapped gates at 6:15 and the portico gates at 6:30.

Note the times: Thursday dress rehearshal at 7:00. Friday concert at 7:30.


Anonymous JohnV said...

Note that the concert will also be Video webcast. You can view and listen to the concert in its entirety beginning at 7:15 here

12:56 PM  

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