Friday, March 10, 2006

Dating Seminar

John Van Epp, a Diane Langberg associate, is offering a 2-day seminar on the subject of "Avoiding Unhealthy Dating Relationship." It is open to singles, parents who want to learn how to advise their children to make right choices, teenagers 16 years and older, and anyone interested in improving their current relationship. Some examples of topics are: fundamental elements of relationship development, such as bonding forces, compatibility factors, safe and unsafe people, communication skills, conflict resolution and what to pay attention to in family background. Date: March 24-25; Times: Friday 7p-9:30p, Saturday 9a-4p. Cost $95. Place: Diane Langberg & Associates, 512 W Avenue, Jenkintown.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, someone at Diane Langberg & Associates told me that John Van Epp is not leading this seminar, although his materials will be used. The leader will be Roanne Moore (sp?), who works at Diane Langberg & Associates and has done this seminar before. My contact said the materials are "very, very good," not at all "old hat," and that others have found them to be quite helpful.

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